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  1. All good - for reference if anyone needs a similar alteration to the code just remove everything after the original_name in the 'if' statement. if (inst_pos == -1) RenameCurVolume(original_name); else RenameCurVolume(original_name)); Thanks guys - Rich
  2. Hey all - Was wondering what the best way would be to edit the script so that the children would just have the same name as the parent layer (no padding)? This would be amazing for my workflow... Thanks! - Rich
  3. Hi all, Anyone else having issues with only brush-over working to work with a stencil? Thanks, - Rich
  4. THANKYOU!! Phew driving me bonkers
  5. Hey all, Just a question re: light bleed on the corners of objects - getting quite a bit with Screen Space Refl. and Screen Space checked...Best practices to reduce such issues? Thanks! - Rich
  6. -rb-

    Twist Model!

    Hi all, First time poster - hopefully I'll get more time to scan these forums! Geo question - what would be the best workflow to create this ring (in green?) Using the warp tool proves a bit difficult for me as a new user Thanks! - Rich