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  1. Hello Force users ! Here's my take on the N-1 Starfighter, made for the fan project Star Wars - Redemption of course. This one was quite challenging because of its excellent design shapes (to me it's THE one), it was also a real pleasure as always when doing fan art, but especially this one because you can use colors you rarely mix up together (that fresh & rusted yellow...♥) I didn't model the cockpit because for the demo it was overkill, but that's something I'd like to do one day. References on the lower part near foot pedals are quite hard to find though ^^" I made it with : - 3dsMax (Higl/Low/UVs) - 3DCoat ( Handpaint PBR textures) - Akeytsu ( Rig/skin/anim) - Marmoset (Normal/AO Bake/Still & solo renders) - Unreal Engine 4 (rendering/integration/VFX/blueprint controls...etc) Hope you'll enjoy this as much as I do =) Full post here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/NGzq6q
  2. Also, using a simple tiling method to create my texture atlases for environment art I sped up my workflow and raised up the bar a bit =) Textures are still fully handpainted on 3DCoat (Lucrehulk textures palette was the most expressive I could create, it's very abstract and you can feel a lot of subtle brushstrokes everywhere, just enough so it feel it has been carefully painted by a human =) Then once the atlas texture was done plus a little dirtmap on the fly, all I had to do was modeling and UVs. It's extremely fast to make levels this way, I feel like a lot of my past projects could've been done in a way shorter amount of time, I guess we all learn everyday !) So here are my two new environments : Archives/Servers (Coruscant Jedi Temple) and Lucrehulk corridors (And yes, Archives was already shown a little in the trailer last year, but this was an unfinished version, good enough if blurred haha. This playable area demanded a lot of refinements, and new zones appeared interesting to bring in like the servers room =)) I also used akeytsu to pose Jedi knights in "statue" stances, then by using the extremely cool uv Pack+autobake of existing layers of 3D-Coat I managed to have fully non-overlapped statues where every pixel could have its own metal/color/rough/AO values =) It tooks me a few hours to Pose/UV/texture out 6 statues. Again, akeytsu + 3DCoat was the ultimate combo ♥
  3. lil' update on the clopne troopers phase 2 : they now have theor commanders properley set up and ready for a solid Order 66 =D High/Lowpoly, Uvs done with 3dsMax Rig/Skin/Anim done with Akeytsu All textures done with 3D-Coat (+Curvature bake), 4K UVset for clone armor & Arc trooper stuff, 2K for DC15S & DC15A, 1K for DC17 handblasters Bake done with Marmoset Toolbag 4 (IDMap/NormalMap/AO) lighting/renders done with Marmoset Toolbag 4
  4. Hello there ! I need to blend two normalmaps in Standard Blend, but since NormalMap Blend is obviously a blendmode, I can't do what I need. Packing both maps using Standard Blend into a folder using NormalMap Blend mode also doesn't work (it's even ignored) Finally, when trying to use a layer as a clipmask, in NormalMap Blend mode, I see no impact on areas that should change So, I'd suggest to : - Tag layers in another channel than current "Blend Modes" to set them as NormalMap - When tagged as such, limit blend modes to most used for normalmaps mixe modes (blend, min, max, standard, maybe a diff so you only brings up what's different between two bakes...etc) - Allow to affect opacity through clip mask - Allow to add the NormalMap tag to groups Thank you in advance ♥
  5. Hello there, I'd like to bring to your attention that akeytsu has recently changed its pricing, and is now free to use. You can learn more about this news here on the official website : https://www.nukeygara.com/blog/news/a-new-page-for-akeytsu Note : as the free version is temporarily the educational one, you need to provide a file (any image will work, please refrain from sending borderline content of course) If you don't know "akeytsu", it's a standalone rigging, skinning & animation software. It offers an efficient toolset for a great user experience, its goal is to reduce technical steps required to start animating an asset. Last year, I made the following trailer on top of my daytime job. All except procedural animation (like foliage or explosions VFX) has been made with akeytsu. A friend helped me with a sequence of 5 shots, he usually animates on Maya and he found the workflow here really excellent I recently made a comparison between what's animated on akeytsu and the final shot, so you can figure out a bit better how it's done Finally, I want to express that akeytsu is not made only for animators, I've been making mostly 3D environments & characters for years, and learned animation through this wonderful software. Now I rig every asset I can, for projects and/or portfolio. I think it always makes a difference when having an idle (even simple) to present your own work, as it gives more soul to your characters I wish you all the best with it ! Des Bisous ♥
  6. Wow ! Just found about this topic @Carlosan , so sorry to say just now a BIG THANK YOU ♥ I don't know how I missed your post !
  7. I just made a lineup, after I tweaked some of the colors. Just want to say how wonderful 3DCoat is when you've setup the whole layerstack and start to change colors, patterns, values. It's fast, nice, efficient, and offers a wide variety of possibilities over a fully-controled texture. I just love it ♥
  8. Hi there =) So I've finished these characters and made a few renders, just to see roughly what's possible to do with 3 outfits, 9 boots, 5 beards (important !), 1 TwiLek (Super Important), Zabraks, 5 hilts, various skin tones and both male & female variants...and damn. That delivers a lot of possibilities, it's so coool ! I can legitimately light up tons of lighsabers with unique characters behind, it's freaking cool ! As always, these were fully textured on 3DCoat and I hope to continue working on it for a long time, I love the way I can craft my textures the way I want ! Rig/Skin/Posings were fully made on akeytsu =) You can view these on artstation : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/OmxKZg
  9. Hello ! I'd like to have the possibility to control Alpha through any layer I want. Currently, if you deactivate Layer 0, then the "alpha" will rely on what's painted above, so you need to clamp your paint zones to either a frozen area or use the lock transparency otpion on every layer...which is not practical. Alpha could be controlled using one or more dedicated layers which would act as a global alpha channel for everyone and get used in export constructor. This blend mode could be stored along all the others, which will be natural to access Thanks !
  10. @Andrew Shpagin I got it, but I don't understand why this "UVMerge ignoring Material IDs" happens in case I hide (not delete, just hide) the Layer 0 in paint room. In other words, I could be on any other model having separate UVs per material ID, 3DCoat will still leads to the issue and that's precisely what I would like to see solved in this case. I know it can be fixed through multiple ways, like splitting back in UVRoom or reverting the file and use an older build that doesn't merge UVs on its own, but, well. It would be cool if UVs could simply stay attached to their matID. As long as I didn't merge those IDs, keeping UVs separated should be the default behavior, else it makes user feels like his file is not stable and could messup itself at any time he plays with opacity (that's why I touched the Layer 0, I know it's a specific layer so maybe there is unexpected behaviors that remains after a lot of the code has been reworked since the 4.8.44)
  11. I'm starting a new part of this project, it's about jedi (again, rhoooooolàlà how dare I ! ^^) I try to stream each day while making these assets so users can get a sneaky eye on the magical technique behind SWR textures (well, nothing magical. It's more about patience and enjoying the process =)) Here's my twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/vexod14
  12. This is attached to a separate material ID so no reason to shift UV coordinates. But this could explain why I'm able to paint outside islands and "solve" a first issue. UV layouts should always stay separate using their matID The same file in 4.8.44 shows seam issue if I save it with layer 0 off and reopen it, but once I toggle back layer 0 I no longer have the seam issue. In the latest version, once it breaks, it breaks and you can't retrieve a workable (except using source control like SVN/Dropbox, etc)
  13. Hello guys, Using the 2022-05 build I'm having an issue with padding not behaving as expected : Few issues, maybe having layer 0 off and opening an old saved file (4.8.44) led to these issues ? First one : seams clearly visible when painting (no realtime padding seems being made) Please notice the beige border near red painted areas along islands borders. Second one, as you can see, I can paint outside of the uv islands (never could do that before, usually I'm constrained in the existing islands). Here's what I have in 3DCoat's Texture Editor window : Anyone knows how this can happen and how I may avoid it ? (I've just sent the issued 3dcoat file to Andrew) I'll revert back to 4.8.44 so no worries I can pursue my own work, but I think this issue might affect compatibility with old files so it was worth warning you about it
  14. I've quickly tested out the 2022-04 about the unpaintable pixels using the default robot provided with 3DCoat, I always take this guy as it leads to issues under his shoulder pad's vents (probably curious UVs there). I confirm it's back to what I have using the 4.8.44 (current build I use in production), if not even better =) In fact, the 4.8.44 had another issue showing "apparently dead pixels", but when you turn off then on the painted layer, most of the time these pixels were no longer grey and the issues fades away. Now, the layer is correct once painted and that's nice =) Thank you guys for fixing this !
  15. Hello there ! I'm once again coming with the tile plane issue that seems unsovable. As a reminder, that's what happens everytime you try to use baking tools over overlapped UVs. The tile plane is a great use case, as it can be used to create tiling textures using the artistic touch you can provide thanks to how cool are 3D-Coat painting tools : To overcome the problem, I export the tiled texture as a tangent normalmap and I import it into Knald, which generates easily curvature, height...etc The problem is I have to do this every time I modify the texture in 3DCoat, so there would be 2 solution that might help a lot : - Fix the issue once and for all, so we no longer need Knald. 3DCoat baking tools are more various, and the curvature is simply the best one we can have in the game industry. Imagine how cool it would be if we could use it ! - Make a bridge that would send the normal in a temp folder, opens it in knald, and returns you a height and a curvature - Bonus : allows a layer to be tagged as curvature in its properties or in right click. So we could use the heightmap with ease (it's actually feasible, but not efficient to do as it's a bit McGyver-ish)
  16. @AndrewShpagin I've also reported this one multiple times and this is personally what prevents me to jump on 3DCoat 2021, a fix would be extremely appreciated
  17. Little new guy added to the cast Each skin variant painted as usual with our beloved 3D-Coat ♥ Yet I didn't follow completely the original designs (as you might have noticed, I like to take some artistic freedom when it comes to fan art ;)) I've also rigged/skinned/animated it through akeytsu, it was super simple (it's just about a big pelvis, no bend, two limited arms...but it was interesting to bring some life to this =)) The model is available on both artstation & flippednormals, simply search for "vexod14" once there Rendered using Marmoset Toolbag 4.03, modeled with 3dsMax I also did a new posing for the artstation thumbnail of Mevenn, sinci now she holds two lightsabers and has evolved in terms of posing, I thought it was the good moment to refresh it : In the meantime, I'm working hard to bring out more content in SWR, the demo made great impression so far over all the fandom, but it wasn't accomplished as I envisioned it. All I can tell is 3D-Coat still plays a vital part of it Cheers guys !
  18. Big update ! So, here we are. The demo is finally available in its very first public version ! Please take the time to read the following lines : - The demo is given for free, all you need to do is to register here on artstation, go to my store here : https://artstn.co/m/y138n and pick the demo. If you want to share the demo to a friend, please share the link to the free product instead of copying files on a USB key, it helps me having an idea of how many players tested it (it should also help reporting bugs later on, tracking who gets what...etc. Thanks in advance) I wish you will enjoy exploring this little project ! - Since it's "inspired by" star wars (but not only), you may reckognize environments, starfighters, destroyers...etc. Yet I didn't want to stick to existing designs at a "fanatic"-precision, so you may notice differences between official designs and those from Redemption - The demo comes in a v1.0, meaning we plan to add some more stuff to it in the near future. Yet a demo is a demo, not a AAA game. We will polish unfinished things, fix as many bugs as we can, add what's missing today regarding our ToDo-List, but it will stop there. Please refrain from making feature requests, we won't add them. Bugs can be reported here and we will see how many we could fix for a last version. - The game should run fine on most configs, if you experience any lag, please go in options, set a different game quality ("screenpercentage" doesn't work yet) and launch a level (this will apply new settings). The game runs smoothly on a 2080 RTX with a i7 9th Gen & 8GB of RAM so if you've got this (or better) it's good ! By default game quality is set to Epic, the "Ultra" mode is here for "Cinematic" quality, but is visually not this better, only sharp trained eyes will seea difference. - At the moment, the game only offers to explore levels & collect little flying creatures called "ForceGhosts". To finish a level, you need to find them all and reach the end trigger box. -Trigger boxes aren't always placed at the end of a level, since some levels have a "loop" flow, but every time the box is on the biggest "Exit door" of the level (not necessary a door visually...but I guess you've got it ) This first public release is here to thank all of the fans of the project who have been waiting patiently for this, as well as a simple tribute to the fantastic & inspiring StarWars universe. I don't know what I would be today if this Far far away Galaxy didn't exist. It's something that is part of me, of a lot of people, and I wish this addition will serve at its best the most of us ! Here is the game cover, you have the file amongst some more in the final folder if you want to change for fresh wallpapers Also it's funny but here's the Cover in akeytsu ^^ Yep. It's a great tool to do a lot of things +D With the release of this demo, we've made a Trailer. And it's almost as heavy as making the game, it involves especially a different approach of animation, since you're making shots and not realtime game cycles, it's okay to have a bad pose when you turn around, the superior rule is to take care or arcs, posings, motion through frames. Bend your characters if you need to make them follow strong arcs, don't be affraid of breaking their arms & legs. Well. Here's that trailer:
  19. Wip wip wip +D I really love this environment vibes ♥ Holobooks needs more life btw, It's just a draft ^^ I also decided to cut off one of the blades to give that lightsaber a more brutal feeling
  20. I still have issues with AO/Curvature baking, I notticed the TilePlane wireframe pattern has changed but the problem is still here To reproduce : - Open the Tile Plane (for texturing/painting, not sculpting) - Use any brush with depth and paint largely, everywhere, to get relief (the bigger the relief, the easier to spot will be the bake issue) - Bake AO with default settings and turn it's blend mode to normal, then, look at the middle of the plane, near edges and you'll see subtle "cuts" everywhere - Same for Curvature, with default settings (I tried the padding independent mode too and it fails as well). Turn on curvature layer to see what happens : middle of the plane gets the highest issue, you can also spot less visible ones the more you look further this middle edge This said, I can confirm that the brush painting issue is fixed (which is cool ;))
  21. Also AO/Curvature baking still have the same issues spotted a few years ago. I'd really love to rely on the tile plane as it's super useful to make tiling handpaint PBR textures
  22. Hello guys ! First of all congrats for the release of 3DCoat 2021 + Textura I've tested both on a specific point I really, really wish can be solved one day : overlapp painting Here's the result (I've used default "tile plane" provided but same issue occurs everytime you've got overlapped UVs, which remains useful if not vital in modeling) (Sorry about the compression, especially on BaseColor pass) I noticed there's no issue If the brush is set to "Sharp Shape", which is cool since this mode allows to be extremely precise with alpha, but it's not the only mode and to be honest I use shapr/classical in a 50/50 balance (both are useful) You can note that there are thin pixel lines where paint seems to behave strangely, yet they follow a simple pattern : geometry triangles. I've reproduced this using tileplane made from a single quad (so just 2 triangles) and I could see the same thin pixel line artifact appears over the triangle hidden edge Another important point : this pixel line appears from the triangle you're painting to the other overlapped faces. This means that if I overlapp planes with a different triangulation, I won't hit the triangle edge I'm not painting on, the issue seems to be really localized
  23. Hi (again ^^), I wanted to share the few shots I've animated quite recently with akeytsu for a cinematic trailer on my personnal project "Star Wars - Redemption" (trailer is still in production) Every texture of the project has been made with 3DCoat, as for akeytsu, this software plays a core-part in the artistic design of the project and I couldn't dream having better softwares to achieve animation, rig, skinning and textures. In case I never said that : thank you guys from Nukeygara & Pilgway
  24. New release ! https://www.nukeygara.com/blog/news/2020-3-8-white-release We are bringing existing features to the desired quality level with this patch. While these were functional when pushed they needed more work to match akeytsu's easy-to-use DNA. This includes a rework of our Space Switching workflow which is now much more intuitive and easy to set up within exsiting animation layers rather than a separate one. We have also refined our Ghosts so that they be displayed correctly when previewing cameras.
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