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    Texturing Questions

    I have a model I've painted, and I can't seem to export the texture; choosing 'Textures' -> 'Export' -> 'All Layers Color' produces transparent (empty) layers in the Photoshop file. It's also 256x256 which leads to my second question: choosing 'Edit' -> 'Mesh & Texture Resolution' doesn't do anything-- is this where you'd set the size of the exported texture images? EDIT: one more question-- when I export 'object and textures', I'm only getting the files for the object (obj file) and the material (mtl file) but not the actual image file that goes along with the material. Thanks! Bryan
  2. Sounds good...what PayPal account should I send the money to? Bryan
  3. Cool, I'll buy it! Just let me know how I should proceed... Thanks, Bryan
  4. Hi, all! Quick question (actually two questions): with the 'seven layer limitation' in the 'educational' version of 3D coat, this is referring to the 'VoxTree' layers, correct? And each of these layers represents an additional object added to the model (e.g., spheres for eyes when modelling a head)? I guess what my real question comes down to is this: is seven layers generally 'enough' layers for the majority of projects? $99 for the educational version is hard to pass up... Bryan