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  1. One slightly used licence for sale, low miles, no scratches or dents. Im selling my professional license. 3dc is great but its just not for me. anyone interested just reply with contact info $325 USD Thanks
  2. Ahh.. I did find Andrews twitter. That should be on the 3dc page. Im already a customer and motivated.. might be good for the casual person who drops by. ..they may not know who Andrew is. https://twitter.com/andrewshpagin
  3. Is there a general place that we can see news and updates about Beta programs? that is bulleted? Even a reddit thread.. Ive been looking around a lot... The new feature list is interesting but doesn't really give us much news? Seems like there sound be a running list on the 3dc front page..even a twitter feed would be better than nothing.
  4. zFarm

    VR intigration

    Right but on the first one I'm still behind the piece of glass and on the second one I don't have all the awesome 3dc tools of.. awesomeness!
  5. zFarm

    VR intigration

    So I know this is no small task but I would really like to be able to do sculpt and paint in VR. Why I think 3dc is the best suited is that at its core its voxel based. I can block things out and not have to think about whats going on under the hood (very much) Maybe you could get a grant from Oculus.. their 3d paint program sucks and they are worried because the Vive has tilt brush.. they snagged that while it was still in alpha. Also to be able to jump from sculpting to paint and back would be insane!!! I honestly think Oculus would help out with dev and $$ to get it done. This is some hair I was working on and thought.. "man I wish I could use a 3d tool to just put the clay where I want it.. instead I am trapped behind this wall of glass trying to manipulate 3d objects. " I know.. I know all we need is another woman with little bits of useless armor covering her tits but I loved the original drawing from Joe Mad and had to try.
  6. zFarm

    construction plane?

    Ok I experimented a bit with those idea's thanks !
  7. zFarm

    construction plane?

    Is there a construction plane like this? It seems like I saw something like this in 3d-coat.. I like the way this has direct manipulation handles and its "live"..
  8. So I came across something that is a bit frustrating. If I fill an object with a smart material and then fill it with another that has bump in the normal it adds any addition bump to what is already there. I don't see an override for "replace" ie I want it to be smooth again.. Then I thought well I'll just clear the whole normal channel.. can't figure out how to do that will fill? Oh even erase just digs a big hole in my object. Thanks
  9. zFarm

    Need some help regarding PBR workflow

    Im right there with you Peter, One of the reasons I bought 3d coat. I'm sure some kind of substance export would be possible. It would be nice because substance is integrated into most 3d packages and game engines. I wonder if there would be some kind of liability.
  10. zFarm

    Bake to low poly

    I GOT IT!! ok I had to make sure that the high and low poly were named the same! and that somehow they were associated. Worked like a charm.
  11. zFarm

    Bake to low poly

    the reason I want to use this external package is because its this thing is INSANE!! it will auto-retopo this 13 m poly building in under 45 seconds. .Don't get me wrong 3dc is great but for my workflow time is the biggest factor.. And 3dc keeps running out of memory. Maybe the Andrew could implement the "instant mesh" code to give another option for retopo. please please please. I'm including the files here: if anyone wants to try and get it to bake a normal. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3080162/from3DCoat.rar I can't get it to work. Oh thanks Journeymen! Im so add I moved on but if I can get this to work I'll go back and paint it.
  12. zFarm

    Unreal Engine - MASTER THREAD

    Is there a step by step like this? The thing is its very straight forward. Only says the things that are relevant to the process. Doesn't make you watch him put all the materials together. All of the "heavy lifting" is done before he starts the video. Has anyone seen a tut like this? In 20 min he goes through the entire pipe.
  13. zFarm

    Bake to low poly

    So not sure why I can't find any docs on this. Im just trying to bake to an obj that I brought in from and external package. 1. sculpted high poly (Vox mod) 2. exported high poly 3. made retopo in external package 4. imported into paint and auto UVed. 5. put low poly in one VoxTree layer and High in another layer. 6 In retopo room went to Bake>Bake w. normal map (per peixel) does nothing Im not sure how to transfer the high and low poly to a Retopot group..do I need to do that? .
  14. Hey gbball.. yes I did render that in max with vray. It was a bit of a process but got a pretty good result. I've been working to much to do another pass. As far as the evolution of PBR I'm not sure. I do know its been in the works on both sides for while.. maybe not under the specific PBR. Neil Blevins has some good posts about the fundimentals. Anyway it would be nice to have a specific workflow or even some presets in applink.. I havn't dug into it to much.
  15. No I mean Substance painter.. I've never used it. What I'm saying is 3d-coat was super easy to start painting and setting up materials/UV. I just wondered if the learning curve and results were as easy in substance painter.. Thats one thing that really attracted me to 3d coat is that fact that its pretty straight forward when it came to tools and learning. Despite that its a very deep package almost everything is labeled and has popup help. My only confusion is really when its best to use Vox or surface modeling. Wish there was a quick best practices workflow vid on that..