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    Mirrored UV glitches

    Thank you for getting back to me! Initially I tried this fix and I wasn't able to get it too work but after messing a bit around (and feeling kinda stupid after realizing this) I found I was mirroring accross the wrong axis (I was using the x-axis when I should've used the z-axis). Because my UV's weren't mirrored accross the x-axis it obviously couldn't paint properly; hence glitches. Obvious answer was obvious.
  2. best_science

    Mirrored UV glitches

    I'm a new user to 3D Coat and I've been wrestling with an issue for about 3 days regarding painting with mirrored UV's on a model. When using a brush along the mirrored UV border I get these weird splotchy glitches that look pretty ugly. My version of 3D-Coat is version 4.5.03(GL64), and is for a Mac. It should also be mentioned it is a trial version. I've done some research into this issue and apparrenntly this used to affect older versions of 3D coat but was patched. http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=1608 Having tried this solution I wasn't able to solve my issue. Turning symmetry on or off doesn't stop the glitches. Has anyone else run into this problem before or is there simply no way to paint with mirrored UV's in 3D coat?