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  1. Hey there all, I am currently building a dirtbike for our game, I wanted to sculpt the whole thing at once in the sculpt room, but 3D Coat doesn't seem to like objects intersecting when importing. Is there a way to add in all the broken up objects one at a time, as in multiple sculpt objects in the one sculpt space? I am not using voxels, just good old subd meshes. Thanks
  2. guats

    [Solved] Multiple meshes in sculpt room

    Hey Carlosan, Thanks for your reply, my import tool options are different to yours, so I can;t see the option you are talking about. Are you doing this from sculpt room?
  3. Hey all I should probably introduce myself, although I have asked a couple of questions on this forum already in moments of necessity. I work on a PC game called Hurtworld, and I love 3d Coat. I use this program all the time and although I am not a master at it I know the tools I use well. Good to meet you all.
  4. guats

    Right-button brush size/ depth snapping

    Hehe, you may be right, I'll take notice to see if I'm hitting them by accident. I'm using 4.5.14. I had to roll back because the newer version keeps screwing up when importing files. Thanks for the speedy reply.
  5. guats

    Right-button brush size/ depth snapping

    Hey so, this is a similar question, I find that while using build clay in the sculpt room some combo of keystrokes/situtations? are constantly changing my brush depth. Super infuriating! I have removed a bunch of custom navigation options to try to quell it, but I just don't know what is doing it. It only happens when I'm busy working and not paying attention. Anyone know how to permanently remove brush depth settings on your brush entirely? I prefer to set it with the { } keys like photoshop.
  6. guats

    Maya appLink

    Hey there, So I am just trying out the maya>3d coat applink for the first time. I have the following stats on software... 3d Coat 4.7.06 Maya 2015 Win7 64bit So I cannot see any place in the Coat shelf within maya that will send my subdivided objects into the sculpt room. Is this not supported? The applink is working as I can do all the other functions, but surface sculpt is one of the main ones I need. Please help
  7. Hey there Coaters, I am having an odd problem importing a hi poly .fbx into the sculpt room. I import it and as usual hit enter to set the mesh without modifications, then when I switch to the 'build clay' brush, my models normals come up reversed. This is one component of a larger model. All components are built with the same technique within Maya. I had a workmate look over it and try to save it out of Max, yet to no avail, still reversed normals. The only solution I found was to do 'Combine' within Maya. By adding another piece of geo to it, the problem goes away and both meshes have correct normals when imported to the sculpt room. Any ideas why this would be happening? Pics below... Thanks Guats
  8. Hey Carlosan, I tried that using an .obj. Still the same issue.
  9. Hey there all, I am doing some work which requires the opacity of my paintbrush in the Paint Room to stay at exactly 100% I have set the brush (on my wacom) to be non pressure sensitive and the opacity in the bar up the top of the program to 100. I am either hitting the O&P keys or one of the buttons on my Wacom pen and the opacity on my brush goes up or down. Unfortunately I couldn't say which one is causing it but disabling both would work well I think. Any ideas? Cheers, Guats
  10. Hey thanks for the response, but the window continues to cause pausing/lagging unless it is minimised. So whenever you switch to paint bucket mode you get lag every time the Smart Material WIndow reloads the material. I guess you need to be able to toggle the window.
  11. Hi there gang, I'm new to the forum but have been 3D Coat for about a year. I really like the program, I use it commercially for the game we are making. The new PBR features are pretty good, I am however struggling with a couple of things. 1. I can't find a way to close the damned 'Smart Material Preview' window. It causes a lag every time i try to move my point of view in the viewport, while it re-renders the view. I realise you can minimise it, but as soon as you get out the fill bucket it pops back up and lags the crap out of my comp. 2. I can't see any reflections on my smart metals at the moment. I just get a flat colour. It's as though the reflections are turned off in the options somewhere. I have attached an image two show problem (2) Please help! Thanks Guats
  12. guats

    3dcoat really slow, without explanation.

    So is there a way of permanently turning this feature off? like a setting somewhere I am missing? If there isn't I would recommend adding it as an option. Does anyone know where the suggestion section is?
  13. guats

    3dcoat really slow, without explanation.

    Hey there, I bet I know why this is lagging, because I have the same thing, I have put up a question in another topic about it. Try minimising the 'Smart Material Preview' window. The little window that shows a preview of what the brush you are using will do. It's a lag king. As soon as you minimise it, it stops refreshing and lagging the viewport. It will however pop back up EVERY TIME you pull out the bucket tool, and maybe some other tool I am unaware of. Hope this helps.