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  1. DaveMW

    3d coat output redshift c4d workflow

    Agreed, I think the standard PBR export should work but it'd be nice to have that option in 3Dcoat specifically for RS...
  2. DaveMW

    How to color pick outside 3DCoat?

    Very nice! Thank you.
  3. How would I go about color picking something in a smart material color that is outside of 3Dcoat? Like a google image for example. Thanks, Dave
  4. DaveMW

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    No prompt, just unresponsive, instant crash. I think it might be Nvidia's new drivers. They released a hotfix on March 5th. I downloaded it and it seems to be stable. However I just got a crash with a prompt using the fill tool. Pointers: 511787. I'll submit bug report.
  5. DaveMW

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Man 3Dcoat giving me some trouble on openGL version. DX version launches. Updated drivers and tried what the prompt box said still won't launch.
  6. DaveMW

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Caught wait to test it out!
  7. DaveMW

    Nitrogen gun 3d model

    Such a clean sculpt on the hardsurface portions. I always struggle to get such detail with 3Dcoat.
  8. DaveMW

    Seats Only

    Wow is this all sculpted in 3Dcoat!
  9. True this definitely seems like a response to 3Dcoat especially with all the attention it's getting from industry professional artists like the Learnsquared team. However you can buy a ZBCore and 3DCoat license for about half the price of a Zbrush R4.8 license. 3Dcoat can basically bridge all of the missing features. Competition is good for the consumer and I can't really see Zbrush ever been "streamlined" in the same sense as 3Dcoat. It's a fundamental UI problem IMO. But ZBCore looks enticing I may give it a go as most things I sculpt in 3Dcoat end up becoming "mushy".
  10. Hey I just did the same thing although I basically just reinstalled it.
  11. DaveMW

    New_Web page look

    I already like the changes I've seen on the front page. Instead of putting the videos in a grid having them in a row looks a lot more pleasing to the eye.
  12. DaveMW


    Loving your Hard surface work.
  13. DaveMW

    Terina Model

    You can edit your posts by clicking the "EDIT" button on your original post. No need to keep reposting.
  14. DaveMW

    New_Web page look

    Agreed it could put many people off of the software. Nobody wants to feel as if someone is pushing an agenda at them even if it's not true. I honestly think just a small disclaimer saying "Please think about how you use our software, try to promote values that are... human life blah blha blah" you don't even have to mention religion.
  15. DaveMW

    New_Web page look

    Ah nice! it would be nice however to make sure new forum is accessible as possible for new comers. Make sure everything is visible and easy to navigate without irritation.