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    Viewport lighting position in 4.5

    Thanks, I'll definitely try that shader. After fiddling around a bit I did find if you go to Camera Settings > Background Settings > and turn on Lock Environment, the bottom of the mesh is lit significantly better. I'll just set up a hotkey to toggle this. (Maybe there is a default one already?) I still wish you could rotate the light up and down if you turn use the Vertical Gradient instead of the Environmental Light, but the upgrades are worth this loss.
  2. Hey all, I recently upgraded to 4.5 and am a little confused about some of the changes made to the viewport. Previously, I could adjust the light from side to side, and up and down, but now I can only the rotate the light around my model. This normally isn't a big deal but when Trying to view the bottom of the object or get a better handle on seeing the normals, not being able to rotate the light up and down is a real pain. Am I doing something wrong or possibly is there a setting to not lock the light? Also Is there anyway to bring back the ambient light adjustment while painting? In the previous version I loved varying my ambient light and primary light around 40 give or take so I can see some lighting on the model, but not have the top of the mesh blown out and over lit. Thanks for any help. Currently I just toggle back and forth between versions but it gets really annoying after a while.