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    GPU not working at all

    Thanks AbnRanger, I tried with the head from the splash screen. Actually it works!! Gpu runs at 25-38% when smoothing. So Why it does not when I am workng with my model? Should I set something?
  2. lor68

    GPU not working at all

    Hi all, I bought 3dcoat some months ago, but only now I am starting using it for real. I would need some help to improve the performance of 3DC because I checked and the gpu is not working at all (using GPU-Z software to see it). my system is the following asus N7 17" 3d coat 4.5.19 dx 64 CUDA and not Intel i7-3630QM @2.40 GHz RAM 16 GB W.10 64bit GPU NVIDIAGeForce GT 740M My software gets stuck trying to make a Vox Layer of a section of a model about 750.000 triangles is it normal? Thanks
  3. lor68

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi, I am Lorenzo from Italy. I bought 3DC some weeks ago and I am having lots of fun modeling this way! I only got some problems in setting up the graphic card with CUDA, I'll ask you some advice in the next days