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  1. Well, at least that has been thank you but of course it's a shame that the old version=(. Is it possible to fix these bugs. The next version.
  2. As I understand it the problem is not solved, even on the official form can't help. I threw your money away=(((((
  3. I wrote to the technical support I was told all models are serviceable. This is the problem. I can't understand, I'm throwing a screen of a friend he has all the textures in the normal state. We opened 1 file at 1 too the program. He let me do all the bad things. Well, please
  4. Excuse me I understand, well, I adjust the picture using photoshop in edit mode projection in Adobe Photoshop. For example, I drew the picture I am starting him on AK 47! Yes on any weapon and how it wakes look like? Yeah not like all the textures will float figs knows where. Where the blank intervals of the picture is not added, is replaced by white. I repeat again upstairs, upstairs!! my friend has all the textures normally seem even a screen there!! Why reinvent the great if it is!
  5. So I can understand why they delete the polygons? If I wrote to tech support I was told all models are serviceable and works well, there is not any lack of polygons. I already wrote about the fact that in humans and other works, all is well. Thus in texture but it is not shown in the model. In the editor textures features a leg break, which there sideways can couple to do? As I understand the program for the lucky 50 people on 50's passed or not! The video I uploaded on youtube. Sorry for the VC. https://youtu.be/4WAyg4h9yqU
  6. I have another problem! Here's a video I already removed'll post a full set of screenshots. I would like to solve these problems if not how do not get to decide. Can I return money back? Video: https://vk.com/video?section=upload&z=video95736341_171265502 screenshots
  7. I searched every forum, youtube.Never not found anything suitable. Why other shake pirated version and the demo version is used and everything works well. And I have not one texture appears correctly? Not an insult, honest words ><. Download model official sites CSGO. Where are the other Download and launch these models and they don't fix it as well displays the texture is very . P.S There are 3 options 1) Either I the only one not doing the right thing (BUT! it's unlikely I watched training at rocky as they all do) 2) weapon Models on the official site is broken (Well, I wrote to technical support weapon models) 3) the Program is not standard works (Spent the money to spend your nerves)
  8. How do I fix it? There is even what may be the chances?
  9. It's just the trouble=(. Why when I download weapon models, missing textures? Maybe this is exactly when the installation is not correctly installed? Just one problem after another.... We can all see on youtube, so they all loaded and works well. I put the screenshots and weapon models. ak-47.obj m4a1_s.obj
  10. Hello. Help solve the problem. I make skins on KC th using 3d-Coat and Photoshop. The point is that when I load the file m4a4.obj in my Editor window textures obtained complete nonsense. Here is a screen. I threw another this file and it opened, and he is doing well. here is a screen.(other) I'll text file just in case m4a4.obj Please help me understand.
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