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  1. BubbaDaCaveman

    Seven wheels for speed

    Very nice to see the concept turning to a 3d scene. Congrats.
  2. BubbaDaCaveman

    Steampunk - Scorpicus Motorbike

    Last entry I promise. I realized a cable was not in it's right place in the previous render.
  3. BubbaDaCaveman

    Steampunk - Scorpicus Motorbike

    Hi everyone here's one more image from me from a different angle and environment. The environment was huge and the render took over 2 hours. Composited in Nuke Rendered with Arnold Rigged in Maya and Modeled in 3D Coat. Thanks for watching and Cheers.
  4. BubbaDaCaveman

    Steampunk - Scorpicus Motorbike

    Hi dimitri I won't act like I know a lot about compositing but with the first render which I worked on in photoshop I found that many of the color correction tools don't work on a 32 bit image so I had to drop down to 16 bit mode. Also Photoshop does not support multi channel exr, it requires a plug in. Performance is great in Nuke with large resolution images. Thanks.
  5. BubbaDaCaveman

    Steampunk - Scorpicus Motorbike

    Hi everyone I couldn't stop myself from rerendering the scene. The lighting is different in this one and I believe the composition is cleaner too than the last time. I also redid the tail, it was bugging me a lot. The last time I quickly did the color correction and grading in photoshop and I wasn't quite pleased with the final result. With the extra time in hand, this time I did all the post work inside of nuke, and I am happy with the result. Due credits goes to the authors at "freepik.com" for their free designs which I have used as alpha for brushes. Finally my respects goes to the 3D Coat team for a great software and thanks to the members of this forums for visiting my post. Cheers and wishing all the best. Bubba
  6. BubbaDaCaveman

    Steampunk - Scorpicus Motorbike

    Hi, although the deadline has been extended I don't think I will be able to utilize that time. The initial design was made keeping in mind the two months time, the design would have been different if the deadline was in three months. So even if I add some stuffs now, it would look out of place with the current scene. So, this is it my final entry for 3D Coat's first official contest. I had lots of fun creating this image and found 3D Coat to be a very responsive, robust and easy to use 3D sculpting and texturing software. And what's better is, with each new release it's an improvement over the earlier. Rest assured the future with 3D Coat will be a great one and I look forward to apply it on my next project. Thank you 3D Coat team for the competition. And also thanks to the artists in this forum who do not hesitate to share their knowledge with their competitors. Every object in the image was modeled with 3D Coat. The final image was rendered with Arnold Renderer for Maya. Thank you for watching and Cheers
  7. BubbaDaCaveman


    Indeed this looks awesome.
  8. BubbaDaCaveman

    Steampunk TriTruck

    Hey Vladukenzo nice work so far, great details too. But don't you think your vehicle looks more of a post apocalyptic vehicle rather than a steampunk? Any way keep it up and good luck.
  9. BubbaDaCaveman

    First Official 3D Modelling Contest

    I won't say much but, shouldn't have extended the deadline.
  10. BubbaDaCaveman

    Steampunk Rooster

    This is a very nice model. Good job on it and good luck mate.
  11. BubbaDaCaveman

    Steampunk - Scorpicus Motorbike

    Hi everyone this is the full HD render. I will submit the final color graded image tomorrow. Thanks.
  12. BubbaDaCaveman

    Steampunk - Scorpicus Motorbike

    Hi there, here's another update. Hope I am not boring anyone
  13. BubbaDaCaveman

    Steampunk - Scorpicus Motorbike

    Hi everyone here's an update. Just a few more task remains to be done.
  14. BubbaDaCaveman

    Steampunk - Scorpicus Motorbike

    Hello everyone here's an update.
  15. BubbaDaCaveman

    Steampunk - Scorpicus Motorbike

    A test render with few of the suggestions by fellow members implemented. Still can't decide on the background yet or the final pose. I am not a very good compositor