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    3D view of those models in my Sketchfab gallery at www.sketchfab.com/lesieur.julien
  2. Thanks a lot for the nice comments! I don't know which dents you are talking about (on the eyes? legs?) but yeah, it's most likely the normal map. I create my models to be fitted for videogame productions since I search a job in this area, so I tend to use normal maps as much as possible.
  3. Hello! I recently fell in love with 3D Coat and made some stuff for fun/training/portfolio. After uploading my models on Sketchfab, I've been adviced to post it here by a CM ... which is not a bad idea I guess! The first one is a 3D fan art of King K.Rool from the Donkey Kong games. I created an original design mixing its various designs with personal touches here an there. I may give a Kaptain outfit for him at some point because pirates. King K.Rool by Julien Lesieur on Sketchfab The second one is a rhino beetle inspired robot I made to try hard surface techniques and smart materials. Rhino Beetle Robot by Julien Lesieur on Sketchfab For both models, I made everything in 3D Coat beside the rigging/posing.
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