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  1. hello

    How to colorize each UV island?

    My forum login did not work, so I'm adding +100 here can't believe this feature requested 2 years ago and still nothing.
  2. Hello, I have an object with UV islands, I want to colorize each island separately, I bought this script: https://cgtools.com/uv-colorizer but it doesn't run, just crashing any version of C4D, so I need something similar. Can you please help?
  3. Hello, I have imported test model from C4D with many poly-objects inside, they all have materials across, let's say each model has general materials such as wood, chrome, black plastic, etc. So I was unwrapping it, it's all good in 3D-Coat, I did unwrap, I saw good UV island, but when I export to C4D, all objects have multiple UV tags, C4D and Unreal Engine doesn't support multiple UV tags for lighting and texturing. How to export so I going to have one solid UV tag not many separated, please help! p.s. would be good to have autro-map for many objects with option not-single-material, because right now it's only doing one UV for multiple-objects, doesn't respect Separate-Materials.
  4. hello

    How to Unwrap All materials?

    Oh okay, that makes sense, I'm sorry I was misinformed by this option, still a bug to me. What I want to do, auto-map all UV maps separately, I hope they can make this feature in the future updates. Thank you.
  5. hello

    How to Unwrap All materials?

    This is a test file, when I importing this .fbx to 3D-Coat and checking "Treat materials as separate textures" and I see list of materials then I click Okay, it's performing auto-map, when I want to switch to other UV, there is no other UV, they all got collapsed into one UV. It been happening 99% of the time. I don't want to have one UV, I want to be each UV unwrapped to 100% of the space, not to only UV-space (single UV map for the entire project), I don't need that. Please review. http://dropmefiles.com/d8jAw
  6. hello

    How to Unwrap All materials?

    I'm, only using .fbx format, do you want me to share you the file?
  7. hello

    How to Unwrap All materials?

    I see no way to do it, also there is annoying bug when I can't work with separate UV, only imports everything into one UV, such a glitch!
  8. Hello, I have hi-poly model of the car, I need to make UV map to be able to import it to UnrealEngine. Currently, I have the model, but I made a mistake and forgot to check SeparateUV for each material and it made me everything in one UV. This way I have exported OBJ file and imported back to 3D-Coat and tick "Separate UV for materials" (don't remember the exact name), so now I have to go through each UV material and click Unwrap to re-unwrap this uv again, basically it just scales what I have before. Is there any way to click Unwrap All and it will go to each UV map and just Unwraps it? How about that? Thank you.
  9. hello

    How would you unwrap this model?

    Thank you Carlosan for tutorial, now I FINALY know how to select UV from viewport! It's super handy for me for my daily use! I learning 3D-Coat, I wish I can texture entire models like this just directly in 3D-Coat. Retopo meshes, make LowPoly, make UV, bake maps from hi-poly, import them all into low-poly ans start projecting textures from photos and if it possibleto generate some basic normal-maps from regular photo-image on the fly wihtout looking for online-normal map generators.
  10. hello

    How would you unwrap this model?

    Than k you I'll watch it today, this is what I got: I decided to use low poly object and just project maps from hi-poly and then texturize it in Painter. I need collection of dirts, bricks and some windows, I was rushing yesterday Second building is much better. I hope it'll work well for mobile game in UE4
  11. hello

    How would you unwrap this model?

    Thank you Carlosan, yes SharpSeams seems very good tool, with combination of UV-Setting and I put 5 instead 100 and it seems doing pretty good auto unwrap with building. I 'll show you screenshot soon, right now it's on heavy long caulcutation because 5% it soo tight uv islands compare to 100% (actual pixels you can read in that UV setting window). Right now I want to go over model and select all balconies on front side and scale them up, so front side will have hight UV island size. It's funny I cannot find this option in 3D-Coat, I can only go over "UV Preview" window and randomly click over polygons and find who is currently selected and scale it up from UV Preview, it's takes long, how to select UV islands or just parts of UV island directly in main viewport window? I was looking for: Select UV Island brush kind of, can't find it.. please someone clarify!
  12. hello

    How would you unwrap this model?

    How to do it in auto way? I have 15 min for each model.
  13. Hello, I have model from sketchup, looks okay, I have many of them and I need to unwrap them in very fast way. No time to spend hours on each model. So I usually use auto uwrap in 3D-Coat and just save it but I noticed it doesn't do good job out of the box and some thing I woudl be happy to fix, like tighter space between uv island, less separate from each other, maybe keep them aout stich and weld togerher? I don't know much of 3D coat uwrapping solutions, I did only manual uwrapping on simple object, but this is big objects with many parts connected in one mesh. I have attached screenshot of what I could do with auto uwrap, and actual obj file of building. How to make it more niceir unwrap? Maybe I missing something, thank you in advance! CondoBremnerAveR2_Uv1.obj
  14. А зачем мне xNormal если я хочу пересесть на 3D-Coat? Вот реальный пример, есть два объекта, хайполи идет с ювишкой, а лоу поли без ювишки, как проджектить нормал мапу?
  15. hello

    3d-Coat texture Editor

    This forum is dead.