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  1. I was watching this old video today...

    And I tried to replicate it in the current version of 3DCoat... but I was totally unable to because the baker changed parameters changed so much.
    We don't have a "Refraction_SSS" map type, so I tried other ones to no avail D:

    Is it just imposible now and I'm wasting my time, or am I just dumb and not putting the proper parameters?

  2. Okay, first of all, kudos to the autosave and saving features from 3DCoat. The stability of 3DCoat while saving is really reasuring. I've never had a save corrupted or lost my files while working (unlike with pretty much any other 3D program). While 3DCoat might be unstable often, after a crash I've always been able to recover or save all or any of my data and not losing any progress.

    But there is one little detail that makes the autosave feature quite annoying and a bit stressing for me... I'm not sure if it might be a limitation of the OS or something like that but I didn't see anyone else complaining either...
    I usually work with heavy files that take up to a minute to save, I also move between apps quite often. My grudge with the autosave is... It decides to start saving EVERY GODAMN TIME I click on the 3DCoat's window to go back to work, making me literally wait and stare while it autosaves. Once or twice a day wouldn't be a big deal, but it literally happens a few times every hour, so dozens of times after a whole day of work.
    Why doesn't just autosave while I'm gone? Why not during any other time but literally when I'm trying to get back to work on the app? It might be something minor, but it can be upsetting when it happens dozens of times a day while working!

    Well, that was my small rant, thanks for reading hahaha

  3. On 5/20/2020 at 11:28 AM, erb said:

    You're using words in haste as your post doesn't make sense when read verbatim.
    I THINK that you're seeking symmetrical layouts for the UV .. a perfectly symmetrical model or not doesnt matter in this instance as symmetrical UV mapping tends to have thresholds for the vertex position seek.

    In all seriousness; We'll need a screenshot to se what you're seeking to accomplish and perhaps what is stopping you *BECAUSE* I can think of 4 or 5 different scenarios/results.
    - I don't have time to write all 4 or 5 and guessing is pointless.

    Help us help you bud. ;)


    Thanks for being so understanding! :D
    Here is an example, I was able to do it in a different program that I'm testing (even if it was a mess to export/import) and bring it back to 3DCoat.

    I attached both images, one showing the 3DCoat GU (asymmetric) and the after being the result I was looking for.
    (Neither of them are barely worked on, I know they are both bad UVs hahah)



  4. On 5/18/2020 at 9:08 PM, pickers said:

    any examples?

    For example when you have a face that is clearly and perfectly symmetric, but the seam in the middle will have an irregular shape closer to a C than to a straight middle line.

  5. I don't know if its a bug that has been reported already, but I've been aware of it since 4.9 at least.
    The problem is that after painting a material, it seems like there are issues with the "transparency" when you try to smooth it. It will smooth color, normals and metalness/roughness/glossiness/specular, but not the transparency somehow...? It is very obvious when materials are using Condition mask texture options like Concave, convex... , so I'm attaching a video which makes it way clearer.



    Maybe am I doing something wrong that makes that happen?

  6. On 8/22/2019 at 4:17 AM, gbball said:

    From sculpt room?

    There are at least 3 options that I can think of off the top of my head.

    1.  Retopo via decimation (This is best if you want to include textures)  It's one of the right mouse click options

    2. Decimate the mesh before exporting selected object

    3. Export selected object and choose and it will give you an option to reduce the polycount on export.  This is done via decimation.

    Thanks for help Gbball!
    But I might have explained myself poorly.
    I am texturing an asset on the paint room. I'm using depth to displace the mesh and tesselation to make it more detailed.
    I would like to export that mesh with all the detail from the paint room.


    Thanks for your time again! :)

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  7. On 8/6/2019 at 6:47 PM, Carlosan said:

    Have you installed same lic at work or on another comp ?

    Contact sales@3dcoat.com to ask about this issue.

    Not at work, only in my desktop computer, but that computer hasn't been plugged in since... 2016 I think (And I believe I uninstalled the license anyways before moving to my current laptop).
    I'll contact you guys on sales@3dcoat.com anyways, thanks Carlosan! :)

  8. I remember posts from years back asking for this functionality. It looks like oculus will be making it possible somehow now...
    If Painter works like that, 3DCoat shouldn´t be too far away to work too!

    For what I've read, they are using a special API, that's not the normal version of Substance Painter either.

  9. I did my normal workflow in the Paint room. Then when done, I close and open again 3DCoat (or just load any saved state of the same project), and ALL UV edges appear like this, making the texture look pretty terrible since all UV seams become very visible.

    I also tried doing it with different meshes and in completely new projects and it happened in all of them too.

    Every time I could just paint over all the UV edges and export it (if the program doesn't crash). But that is in no way acceptable time-wise :/


    I'm having issues in all versions I could try (4.8.03 and beta's 4.8.07 and 4.8.08).



  10. Strange, I see the price in €, maybe that is what changes? (even in your link). But I can only se the "3d-coat professional".
    I've attached a screnshot!




    (sorry I have the store also in spanish, I hope you don't mind :P)



    PS. I hope this is a different kind of license, because I got mine on the official webpage for 400€ yesterday and told a friend of mine, then, he showed me the steam one only to see that this one is 120€ cheaper, if that is so, I would be a bit upset by it.. =/

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  11. Looking at the steampage, buying there the Pro license costs around 289€, while buying the "Full professional for windows"  (wich looks pretty much like the same to me) on the web costs 400€... Would anyone please tell me if there is any key difference between those two versions?


    I would understand if the program was on sale, but it's not, so it looks just strange to me...

    Thanks! :)

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