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  1. I made an android game using 3D-Coat as my main sculpting, retopology, baking and texturing tool. I thought I'd share some of the assets and things I did for it. The game's made in Unreal Engine and the screenshots are directly from inside the engine. Other than that Modo was used for hard surface modelling, rigging and animations. The game itself is a sort of procedurally generated maze/dungeon adventure game, where you play as a hero going around searching for treasure, while avoiding traps and fighting enemies. Here's the hero character: Morbolbo, the musketeer. Some unlockable skin variations: Some other characters: And some of the maze walls and bridges that were textured in 3D-Coat: I also have some more pictures of this up on Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/BmyArA And if it's not against any forum rules, here's a link to the game itself. If anyone wants to see how things look in a live setting.
  2. Bohrium

    Template meshes broken?

    I'm experiencing similar crashes now at seemingly random points trying to hit undo when not using those template meshes as well. As well as in some older project files that used to be fine. Whether it's sculpting or painting or pretty much anything I try to do on them, just crashes when I hit undo. Also, when trying to undo anything I've done with the curves tool or the text tool on any fresh scene, there's a crash. As unstable as 3d-coat is for me right now, I cannot use it for anything more serious than a 5-minute doodle. I think I've asked this before, but is there any way to use an earlier version of 3d-coat? Something like one of the 4.7 releases or something that I could keep using until the issues are resolved?
  3. Bohrium

    Template meshes broken?

    I've been trying to use the head base and the full body (single segment) mesh as a start for sculpting, but it seems like it crashes every time I try to use the undo function on one of those. I've tested this on two of my computers before and after doing a clean reinstall of 3d-coat and it seems to happen in any of those cases. Is this a known issue? Are there any workarounds other than not using those templates?
  4. Bohrium

    Paint objects for baking?

    So many useful tools that I've never used in 3d-coat before. This will do perfectly for what I'm trying to do. Thanks again Carlosan, you've been very helpful.
  5. Bohrium

    Paint objects for baking?

    Is there a reasonable way to get a painted paint object to be considered for the "bake /w normal map" tool in the retopo room? Or perhaps there's some better way of trying to bake out textures (diffuse/normal/roughness/etc) of an existing painted/normal mapped object? What I'm trying to do is to bake out tree leaf cards from 3d meshes and I've got it UV mapped for each leaf to share the same UV space (so I don't have to individually paint each leaf). If I import the mesh into the paint room, I can't seem to bake it onto a single flat quad in the retopo room and if I import it into the sculpt room, I lose all UV information and I'd have to individually paint hundreds of leaves.
  6. Bohrium

    paint does not show correctly

    Check that you don't have double objects. Like a sculpt object that is still visible through retopo one. Or if you did a double bake and forgot to delete an older version.
  7. Great, that's exactly what I needed. Cheers.
  8. I've got a couple of questions about functionality that I'm either not aware of (or I guess feature requests if they don't exist). Is there a way to change how different strokes from normal map painting are blended together? And by that I mean, the default combination of two strokes will create a double "raised" area in the crossing point like the left image. It would be useful to have different strokes merge the way the right image is (as it does now during a single stroke without releasing the mouse button). Then is there a way to search through shaders/smart materials/stencils by name? I've got hundreds of smart materials and it's very difficult to tell them apart just by the icons as you can see here. Would make my workflow much faster if I could just type in "rust" somewhere and get all of the materials with "rust" in the name. And finally, is there any way to use an older version of 3d-coat? I guess I automatically updated to version 4.8 at some point and it broke certain functionality with masked smart materials. I tried searching for, but couldn't find anywhere to download older versions from that I could use while I wait for patches to the latest version.
  9. Bohrium

    What Are You Working On ?

    Very nearly done with my first "art piece" done entirely in 3DCoat. Just need to spend a little time with the lights and getting good angles and renders out of it now. Went a little overboard on the texture resolutions though I think, my file size is around 3.5 GB now, takes several minutes to open it up and freezes for a good 20 seconds every time I attempt to change any layer settings. Oh well, worth putting up with for a one off project, but it'd be rather annoying if I tried doing stuff like this more frequently.
  10. Bohrium

    Several tools just draw voxel boxes?

    Oh, I see, thanks. I've been using the program for a while, but I just wasn't using those tools, because I couldn't see what the tools did so I never really felt like using them. But I can definitely find a use for them now.
  11. I've noticed that there's a bunch of tools in the voxel sculpting toolbox that seem to only draw rectangles, even though the icons for them show that they should probably be doing something else. They seem to be Fill, Clay, Blob and Smudge. And all they do is this: Why is that?
  12. Bohrium

    What Are You Working On ?

    I'm working on a statuette of a comic book character. First time I've been trying to make something more dynamic than just game characters. Seems to be difficult keeping the lines as clean and straight as I'd like on the hair. They keep getting a bit wobbly, early progress still though.
  13. Bohrium

    Steam "pro" version

    I found the answer to my questions in another recent post that I didn't notice before making this one. I don't seem to be able to delete or edit the topic though, or I'd do that. Seems to be just a regional difference as I suspected.
  14. Bohrium

    Steam "pro" version

    Hello, I've been looking into finding a solution for texture painting for my game development needs and I came across this lovely piece of software. I was immediately impressed and I'm thinking about purchasing. However, I am somewhat confused between the website here and the version available on steam. I see very little if any difference between the trial versions I downloaded from on here or on steam. But there is a great discrepancy in pricing. On this site it says 379$+20% VAT, which equates to around 400 euros. And steam lists the price as 290€ for me. Both of them say that they're commercial licenses and version 4.5 when I start them up. Are there any actual differences between them? Or is that just down to regional pricing differences?