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  1. Imconected

    Reference mesh, transform and add texture map.

    Hey, thanks for the reply. I will check it out. Thanks.
  2. Hi there. Im ready to retopo a 3D scan data, it has maps that I need for reference as the raw mesh is dirty to see it without textures, how I can add the textures and see them at the retopo room? And how I can rotate to adjust to my world the referenced mesh as it comes with the axis inverted? Thanks in advance.
  3. Imconected

    [Solved] Modify ocluded vertices by ref mesh

    Awesome guys ! Thanks for the quick reply. Alvaro.
  4. Hi there. I have some vertices under my Ref mesh, how I can push them out ? Sincerely, Alvaro
  5. Imconected

    Retopo reference mesh change shader

    Thanks for the comments. I will do what Carlosan mention. For retopo I import my hi mesh as reference mesh from the import dialogue menu. I don't do it on the sculpt room. Cheers.
  6. Imconected

    Retopo reference mesh change shader

    Thanks for the reply ! Yeah. It should be simple. A
  7. Hi there. How I change the color or shader type on my reference mesh while I'm doing retopo ? As retopo sometimes takes quite a few days, when I re open the scene, the shader color on my ref mesh goes back to it's default gray tone. How I change the shader in an on going re-topology session ? Sincerely, Alvaro
  8. Imconected

    Baking normal and displacements from external Hi mesh

    Hi. Thanks for your reply. I can save my displacement as EXR for displacement rendering on Vray or in any other render? It's there a tutorial where I can see the process. I'm using zbrush for the modeling, I like the UV room on 3Dcoat and I want to see if the baking results are better than the ones on zbrush, specially for displacement. Sincerely,
  9. Hi there. I want to create a normal and displacement maps from a HI Mesh model made in Zbrush. It's this possible? Sincerely, Alvaro
  10. Imconected

    [Solved] Retopo

    Hi. Yes. I have to try it now. Thanks Alvaro
  11. Imconected

    [Solved] Retopo

    Sweet. Thanks !
  12. Imconected

    [Solved] Retopo

    Hi there. Is there a tool to retopo complex circular, round, cylindrical shapes ? Sincerely, Alvaro
  13. Imconected

    [Solved] QuadPaint retopo toolset

    No worries. I found it. I did not know about the show beta tools on preferences. Thx !!!!