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  1. Tried just now, twice, once with the target number of vertices 3d Coat offered, and a second time with a much higher number, resulting in a 25 million polygons mesh in sculpt room. tested on .91 choosing paint uv mapped mesh on splash screen, then importing a model with a 2k texture. That said, I got a crash trying to import a collada for this test.
  2. now that I disabled Vertical synchronization, when I open 3d-Coat, I hear strange faint sounds coming out of my speakers. the pitch of the sound depends on the situation, what 3d-Coat is doing.
  3. I am using the third default alpha as can be seen in the activity bar. This behaviour is "new" and I hope it is not intended.
  4. Here is to illustrate in video the problem with CTRL+Extruder digging into a cube, after a few stroke you see the tool is adding a disc(plane) all around the alpha. Untitled.mp4
  5. it felt like a problem because of fans whining loudly in graphics card, then noticing high FPS and thinking "I don't need that many FPS to work". Now that you tell us it has a purpose I guess it is no longer a problem.
  6. yes, problem appears when there are few voxels. I tried to show in screenshot this is with template head from splash screen. don't increase resolution. cut a thin slice and then make holes in it, then try to fill : you can't, with fill tool. here is wireframe
  7. Voxel based fill tool is so weak it's... useless ? It's incapable of filling these two holes
  8. exporting paint object as collada produces an empty .dae and a crash (by the way does exporting a collada with multiple materials still produce a broken collada file ? no way to check now)
  9. About Move tool. ever since I saw what topological move does, I have been wondering if it would be possible to do something that in my view would be even more awesome and useful : what if move tool ignored areas that are connected but distant surface-wise. for example you grab a leg. the other leg is within area of the brush, but it gets ignored because it is on the other side of the volume, so to speak. (connected via the hips). Usually you would do this with pose tool, which would allow for rotation, of course, but, what if you just want to move something quickly. it is a bit cumbersome to have to do a pose selection for something simple. ----- Speaking of pose tool, it would be really useful to get the old "pick pivot" button back for pose tool and Transform tool. This is greatly missed.
  10. you can see at bottom left of screen that you are over 500 FPS. go to preferences > viewport > tick : vertical synchronization.
  11. I am showing this issue with the Extruder tool but really it exists to some degree in many other tools : When you hold CTRL and draw a stroke with a lot of pressure, 3D coat will cut a disc all around the alpha. I am using the third default alpha. When digging into a plane it won't do this, because this flat disc seems to be just behind the surface. It will happen when there are "walls" around the stroke. In short, when you are repeatedly digging into a volume. It is very annoying and disrupting. Untitled.mp4 ------ Now there is another problem with high pressure. when the pressure is very strong, a stroke will produce blocky, pixelated voxels. Also very annoying and disruptive. This happens both holding CTRL and not holding it. here is with Extruder, holding CTRL : and here with Grow tool without holding CTRL :
  12. -Go to render room. -tick greyscale -switch panorama > colour is back but greyscale box is still ticked.
  13. No, placing it there or in userprefs/panoramas did not help. however, adding it with the + button worked. Thanks
  14. personally my favourite environement for sculpting was this one, but it is gone now :/
  15. What does Shader mean in the context of sculpting tools ? also, щасливого Різдва !
  16. C'est sans doute que vous avez cliqué un peu en dehors du modèle : Par défault, la navigation dans 3d-Coat est telle que vous tournez la vue en restant appuyé sur le clic gauche en dehors du modèle et que vous bougez la souris. appuyer avec un stylet équivaut à un clic gauche. Dans un premier temps, essayez d'appuyer bien à l'intérieur du modèle, pour voir si ça peint ou non. Si non, je crois qu'il y a effectivement un bug. Si oui, soit vous faites bien attention là où vous appuyez, soit vous allez dans le menu caméra > custimize navigation pour changer le comportement du clic gauche (LMB) à l'extérieur d'un objet
  17. I ran 4.9.74 at the same time as 2021.84 for the test above : it made 4.9 crash and when I reopened 4.9 I gpt the black shader issue from 2021.83 difficult to fix 4.9 afterwards Fixed it now, but the particular file that opened with the black shader still does.
  18. It seems to me that there is an issue with the radius part of stroke mode with Grow tool. Untitled.mp4 Additionally, when depth is above 300% the stroke is a disaster
  19. Yes that is really cool, thank you. There is just one confusing thing. Not with export from sculpt room as in your example, but when exporting from paint room, where there are textures to embed : if you export as embedded gltf, the textures are also exported out of the .gltf file, separately, in addition to being embedded. Also, I was wondering, is this a first step towards supporting the format ? what about .glb, and also, importantly, what about importing those files ? Thanks.
  20. ah yes, in 4.9 it cuts everything both in front and behind. so yes it would be nice to have this old behaviour for the sphere tool, and keep the "in front of plane" behaviour for the 2d-paint tool (it worked like that with 2d-paint even in 4.9). so that we can switch tools depending on the behaviour we need.
  21. at the end of the video you seem to manage to remove voxels a little bit in the corner. CTRL+Sphere + lasso works here on latest build. Here is what seems to be happening in your video : you are using sphere with "draw from first point" ticked. This means that the plane in front of which you will be cutting (CTRL+lasso will cut anything between the plane and the camera) is defined by the last point touched by your brush when you start pressing LMB. In your video you are in a view directly from above your object when you cut. therefore the plane corresponds precisely with the plane on your object : there is nothing to cut. Now, try this : -untick "draw from first point", and do the same thing, but this time take care that the last point your lasso stroke touches on the object before releasing LMB is behind those blocks you created on top of the largerr shape. > Now it will cut something.
  22. I like to use surface tools on voxels, and especially the flatten brush (albeit in 4.9, but I think flatten works fine in 2021 now). That said, the Scrape tool could be made to be something similar in pure voxels : -First, that annoying "soft scrape" checkbox should stop reverting to default (checked) each time you reopen 3d-Coat. -Second, it could have a CTRL action similar to what flatten does (adding material). Just my opinion.
  23. I saw it on .72 but can't reproduce it in .74 (all fixed now except for curve (the green one) which works on plane from first point).
  24. Re: Autopo @Andrew Shpagin To me the mesh has to be prepared thoroughly by the user before autopo. I think you are trying to do that automatically in the autopo dialogue by offering "voxelization" option. However, I believe that is not enough to ensure that problems are fixed. could you try this : -voxelize -increase voxel resolution -fill voids -turn to surface -objectify (and delete small parts) -close holes This should cover many possible issues, I think.
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