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  1. I know retopo room is not designed for anything above 50k, but... could this be improved ?
    I do have workarounds, but lately it has become very painful.
    Here is how you can see the problem :
    place two meshes on separate polygroups in retopo room with a total of polygons above 500k quads (or 1M tris), preferably on same uv-set
    Now, try to click on the polygroup that is not currently active : 3d-Coat becomes unresponsive, for many minutes.
    so, it is possible but it takes a lot of time. Now... try to rename a polygroup (by double clicking on it)... You may achieve to get the text field popup, but you will have to try several times and you have to wait several minutes every time.


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  2. I have currently about 30 GB of free space on C:
    All the projects I have been working on have volumetric paint in them. I am not sure my problem is due to volumetric paint, but I am just assuming it is for no good reason other than this started with volumetric paint and I am using it always.
    As time goes by (few hours), the disk space shrinks.
    Eventually, 3d-Coat is unable to save a file. When I am lucky I get this warning, but it is not always the case. (I'm careful and double check before closing, so it's no big deal)image.png.a62b47559879d45535ae36e0ff1abe42.png

    In order to free up the space, I have to close the file, and then open a fresh instance of 3d-Coat and close it.

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  3. I am working on scans (repairing the high, producing a new mesh, unwrapping it).

    The current workflow I am experimenting with is to make a low with 50k or so, with quads where it matters most. then mark seams and keep a safe copy of the file at that point.
    After that, I use "Smooth CC", which subdivides and relaxes the mesh (the people want a dense mesh for their scans)

    For the current statue, I need to separate the mesh into two polygroups. Because of that, I can't use smooth cc. Instead, I tried to select all and do "smooth selection CC".
    The problem I notice with that is it does not behave like smooth cc : the resulting subdivided mesh does not snap to the high. My guess is that this is a bug ?

    the other problem I have is that after subdivide I feel I need to unwrap again, because the uv preview window shows red and blue polygons, which makes me think the unwrap is bad and needs to be done again.
    I don't know if that is so. Should I keep the unwrap from the low ?
    Anyway, when I unwrap the subdivided mesh, I encounter a new problem : islands that unwrapped well before subdividing suddenly unwrap badly (overlaps). Again I don't know if that is expected behaviour. (so I go back to the previously saved copy and mark more seams before I subdivide).

    Not really expecting answers here but advice would surely be appreciated, thank you.

  4. I have some 47GB of free space on C:
    yesterday I worked several hours with volumetric paint without noticing that 3d-Coat was filling up the disk space (with temporary files, I think).
    When I saved the work, there was no warning that anything was wrong. 3d-Coat just saved an empty file.
    Then I did some other things outside 3d-Coat and that is when I noticed that the disk was full. So I decided to close 3d-coat. (my fault, I should have checked the saved file before closing). Disk space started recovering slowly, so I restarted the system but it did not help. Only when I opaned a blank .3b file did the space recover fully.

    Maybe there could be a warning of some sort when disk space is low ? or a flushing of undo stack or something ?

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  5. Just saw this in release notes :

    - Measure tool cleaned up, better visible marks, rotated text that does not intersect with the measure line, possibility to turn off subdivision marks.

    I reminded me of something. I did not pay much attention lately, but I think people have started using curves like "grease pencil" to sketch a shape in 3d space ?
    I remember long ago attempting to do this with the measure tool, with the intent to snap to it when creating polygons in retopo room.
    The experiment failed because it was not possible to predict where the measure tool would create a point in empty space.
    Again I have not been paying close attention, but if the recent work has been done for the curves to be placed as the user intends in 3d space, maybe this could be extended to the measure tool ? The reason being that curves are quite an endeavour to understand and make use of, kind of cumbersome, whereas measure tool is pretty fast and straightforward to make use of.

    Please ignore if this makes no sense.

    EDIT :
    hmm, checked measure tool just now, it does not seem to be possible to snap to meature tool with add/split. I don't know if that is something that existed before or not. can't remember ?


  6. I am trying to use the clusters tool.

    The other day, I found "clear custers" in the command section and used it. Today, I am unable to make "clear clusters" appear in the commands section, no matter what tool I select.

    The "Join clusters" tool is either ineffective or it joins all clusters at once. the seams do not change color when hovering over them.

    When using the "Add clusters" tool, with "auto seams" activated in tool options, there is an island unwrap preview, but this preview shows the whole section of mesh, not the individual islands created by the clusters.

    I still have this most annoying issue with the add/split tool slowly disintegrating in a session until it becomes unuseable and the session has to be ender and the file reopened.

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  7. 43 minutes ago, Andrew Shpagin said:

    And this is my result with Angel (took 7-8 min)




    Is the work on automap finished ?
    I think there are still problems. I think you are trying to create bigger islands ? I think yes very small islands are to be avoided most of the time, but those long thin islands are a problem, and also the star-shaped islands.
    I was made to understand that it is best to aim for convex islands, because when you decimate to create LODs, concave shapes will end up self intersecting.

    here is an example problematic island on the angel image.thumb.png.3b1f683e351c5b77cccef002fa305494.png

    what I mean by "star shaped"

    Also I think it would be good to try to find straighter paths for seams



    There are still isolated triangles



  8. Just for information, I finally solved a problem I have had since the integration of paint tools in sculpt room :

    Soon after, the paint tools disappeared from sculpt room for me and I have been unable to bring them back until today.
    It so happens that I often "restore workspace" because there is no way to lock the panels in place, which makes it easy to lose your layout by misclicking.
    So... as soon as I restored my workspace to a workspace that was stored before the appearance of paint tools... they vanished.

    When you right click in the left tool bar you get the option to "show all tools in this section", but there is no option to "show all sections", therefore I was never able to get the paint tools section back.

    Today I tried "Reset this page to default" in the Windows menu. This brought the paint tools back in sculpt room.

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  9. 8 hours ago, Henry Townshend said:

    When working with the cap tool to cap a cylinder, is there maybe already a possibility to position the center vertex exactly in the center without having to eyeball it each time?

    If not, this would be a super handy addition to this already great tool.


    Yes I have always liked that you have to "eyeball" things in 3d-Coat... except for that one thing : When making something with radial symmetry, and I have to use cap tool, suddenly, there goes the perfect symmetry, impossible to achieve it. It is rather annoying and I think it could drive some people nuts.


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