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  1. testing automap on the angel in .39 it is still creating huge islands that are bound to self intersect or create unpaintable triangles
  2. It would be convenient to have metalness slider here along with glossiness
  3. About new automap : Please try it on the Angel of Peace. Both Automap and Auto seams produces a crash for this model here on .38 https://skfb.ly/osYX7
  4. Press End key on each of these one by one and assign the same key for each (1, for example) For the second and subsequent ones you will get a dialogue asking if you want to replace or stack. Choose stack. All of the shading modes will be assigned to the same key, so that you will, in effect, cycle through them. @Elemeno
  5. No, the paint tools section does not appear in customize UI
  6. Paint tools in sculpt room vanished for me one or two sessions after initial implementation and I have not been able to bring them back since. I don't really want to do a clean install. Is there another way ?
  7. There is a problem if you use "act as vox hide" with volumetric painting : When you hold CTRL and brush on an area that has nothing hidden, you get these artifacts I still think it would be better to have the option to disable colored voxels independent of other tools when you are using "act as voxhide".
  8. I have been using volumetric painting to clean up 3d-Scans. In this case, the volumetric paint is not used to bake color to the final lowpoly, it is only used to help with the cleaning up process. In the end the retopo is sent back to the photogrammetry software for retexturing. In the same manner, I think what you could do in your case it to use those smart materials as a preview. Here is what you would do : For each smart material you use, create a new paint layer, fill it, and attach the smart material to the layer. (right click smart material > attach to layer). After sculpting like you do in the video above, retopo and bake, then hide the sculpt and go to paint room. In paint room, click on one of the layers with an attached smart material and use the fill tool to fill it again (the right click > fill option on layer won't work). Now, the lowpoly will be painted at the texture resolution. Additionally you can now paint with depth. Do the same for the other layers with attached smart materials. (the only problem I foresee is that the depth of each layer will be added, so you have to find a way around that. Clip masks don't seem to work for depth, I think that is a bug). Be careful to save incrementally at each step, because there is a risk of crashes. While testing this just now I experienced a crash when selecting a smart material, which did not occur the second time I tried with the same steps. Also when I filled the volume with smart material the voxels turned black until I switched rooms.
  9. use edge loops tool in island selection mode, then click on "copy UV" in the "selected" section. Then, select a similar island and hit "Paste UV" and do the same for all the other ones.
  10. I don't know if it is related to autosave but the fact is that I have it disabled, and this still happens to me (rarely enough, as I said above, when testing new stuff). yeah I know it is dangerous to disable autosave, but I would reactivate it only if it were possible to disable zipping for autosave without disabling it for other saves.
  11. Have you tried to set up a "vary mode" (in preferences when V.4 is activated) ?
  12. the only thing missing is feathering to make it feel even better. (a slight inertia)
  13. When it happens thee is no warning, the software just closes from one second to the next, yes ? I have no idea what triggers it, it seems random. all I can say is that it has never happened to me when actually working on something. It is always when I am testing things. I personally have a workaround : I have made it a habit of saving hotkeys, preferences, theme, workspace, and custom navigation. (it is rather tedious to have to save all that separately, in different menus) I had an idea just now, this is why I am answering : What if 3d-Coat autosaved all that information on a regular basis ? Could 3d-Coat possibly detect, at launch, if something bad like this happened, and then open a dialogue offering to load autosaved settings ? I mean, at launch, 3d-Coat could compare the current settings to the latest autosaved settings, and if they are different it could restore autosaved settings, and open a warning saying that settings have been restored to auto save taken at such date and time ?
  14. When you right click > move a stencil to a different folder, the .json file does not get moved with it.
  15. A problem with keyboard shortcuts is that the panel for the tool has to be present in the ui. Moreover, if the shortcut is to something in a specific folder on the panel, that folder has to be the active one for the shortcut to work. Example : -A shortcut for a shader will activate that shader only if the shaders panel is present, and only if the folder that shader is in is visible.
  16. I personally dock the stencils panel in the sculpt room, however, depending on your needs, it may not be necessary : the stencils panel is always available in the activity bar top right of screen
  17. I love your video ! two things : -I think you don't need to go back to paint room to set up your stencil. -CTRL+Voxhide brings back colors ONLY IF you have volumetric paint disabled. Sadly, the setting seems to be global, and not per tool (or maybe it is best that way, I don't know),
  18. When English is not your first language it would be very difficult to always remember to not use international characters when naming files and folders... Wait, scratch that, I say it would be impossible. What is misleading is that sometimes 3d-Coat 2022 will open files that have international characters somewhere in the path, but at the time of saving it will be incapable of doing so, with, or without a warning. That is, sometimes you think you saved the file, but it did not. So there are three scenarios I have encountered : -3d-Coat 2022 is unable to open the file until the folders and/or files have been ranamed. -3d-Coat 2022 will open a file but will issue an error when saving the file. -3d Coat 2022 will open a file, and appear to save it, but will not. (the only hint is that there will be no progress percentage shown in title bar for the zipping of the file).
  19. I installed 3dc-print just now and tested what I suggested.... Sadly, it does not work. To me the auto pick makes the whole software unusable.
  20. Here is a method you can use to apply smart materials with depth. (by temporarily switching to surface mode)
  21. Excuse me but I think this behavior is expected and very desireable. When holding CTRL to carve into the volume you are revealing the volumetric color inside. If you wish to carve into the volume and paint at the same time, don't use CTRL, but tick "use as vox hide" instead : this will do what you want.
  22. At present the smudge tool smudges the voxels only, not the volumetric paint. I think it would be interesting if you could smudge the colors also.
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