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  1. Cybergooch

    [Solved] Retopo primitive cage divisions ?

    Installed 4.9.26 Here's what I see...
  2. Working with Beta 9.25 Following this video tutorial: In the video, as soon as the retopo primitive is added to the scene, the tool options show number of divisions of the cage. When I try this, I'm not seeing any cage settings. Has something changed, or do I need to turn something else on? Thanks
  3. Okay, not a big fan of working with beta software, but will give it a try. Are the beta builds pretty stable? Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm using latest (4.9.17) and am seeing the same issue. If I choose paint mode I don't see any way to get back to a different mode type. Dropdown is gone.
  5. Cybergooch

    Maxon Cinema4D Applink

    Thanks for the post, I'm still not having any luck though. I can export the model from C4D to 3DCoat ok, but can't get it to go back to C4D after modifications. I have two options in the 3DCoat File menu: "BringVoxelsBackToApp" and "Export Voxel Mesh to" with the "Cinema" option. Neither one of those seem to do anything after the voxel reduction...no model shows up in C4D. I've tried setting the Exchange path, which I assume is where the obj is stored, but that's confusing too as it automatically creates a Cinema directory. Do I export the voxel mesh to the cinema directory, or ?
  6. Cybergooch

    [Solved] Can't run 4.9.01 (0xc000007b)

    Thanks Carlosan, adding openCL.dll to windows\sytem32 did the trick!
  7. Cybergooch

    [Solved] Can't run 4.9.01 (0xc000007b)

    Thanks for the suggestion. I installed the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package and restarted my system, but am still getting the same error. I should mention that I have no problem running 3D-CoatGL64 version 4.8.32, so it seems that something has changed with the latest version (?)
  8. Installed 4.9.01 yesterday, I get an error 0xc000007b when I try to run it. Windows 10 Happens with both the GL and DX versions. I have an email in to support, just wondered if anyone else had seen this.
  9. Hi Apun, I'm a noob myself, but I also was running into the issue of trying to uprez a layer after a hide vox cut. The only work around I could find is to select the problem layer (probably the one you cut the piece out of) and temporarily turn it into a surface, then turn it back into a voxel layer. That seemed to fix it for me. As for the difference in resolution when merging, you are correct that "there can be only one" resolution on the merge. But in your case you want to merge the low res into the high res instead of the other way around. The target resolution is the one that will be used, so go lower to higher if you can.
  10. Cybergooch

    Maxon Cinema4D Applink

    Has anyone been able to get this to work in R20 of Cinema 4D? I've installed the plugin, and I can get an object from C4D to appear in 3DC. I just have to hit Apply to get it to place the object from the import. But I'm not sure what to do to get an object from 3DC back to C4D. The [Import] button doesn't seem to do anything. Thanks
  11. Cybergooch

    [Solved] Voxels and varying density?

    Cool, thanks!
  12. I seem to recall seeing a video where working in Surface mode had the ability to vary the density of the mesh in certain areas, so you could add more detail on some parts of the model. Is there any way to do the same thing with voxels? Or are voxel models always the same density throughout?
  13. Cybergooch

    Workflow question: Mirroring/stacking uv shells

    Found a workaround in the meantime... Modeled half of the model and imported it to 3D Coat that way, did my uv layout work, exported the model, then mirrored it. I guess that makes sense since I only have to select half the edges that way!
  14. I've got a workflow question about mirroring and/or stacking uv islands. I did a search here, but couldn't find an example of what I'm trying to do. If I import an object that's symmetrical and I want to use the same texture uv space on both sides, what's the best way to do this? If I run automap, it of course distributes everything evenly. After unwrapping, is there a way to cleanly snap the uv's to the (mirrored) location of the other uv's? And once that's been done, how do I prevent the islands from separating (moving away from each other) when I do Pack uv's? If anyone can point me to a video where this is shown it would be great, thanks!