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  1. Its been awhile since ive been in the 3D game. I finally got a new computer setup and im interested in trialing 3Dcoat but I dont know if its worth it or not. Has anything been done to improve the sculpting experience? I remember it being not as smooth as say zbrush or even blender. I remember it being too easy to move polys around.
  2. I have a model that was sculpted in zbrush. Its already textured. Im trying to have a go at recreating what I already created in zbrush, in 3Dcoat in the hopes that sculpting will click for me. So is it possible to bring in an already textured model as a reference? It would be nice to have a 1 to 1 sculpt next to the sculpt I'll be working on. If not I'll just screenshot it and bring in ref images. Thanks for the help in advance.
  3. Cyrdion

    Is it possible to keybind the Freeze tool?

    Tried. I couldnt keybind CTRL or ALT in the freeze menu and it doesnt look like I can keybind number 5 in the shortcuts list to anything.
  4. Im not sure if the tool itself already has a keybind but it would be great if I could keybind it to ctrl or something like in zbrush. Is there a way to keybind the numbered shortcuts to something else maybe? ideally id like ctrl+LMB to freeze, alt + LMB to invert, and ctrl + alt + LMB to clear the freeze out. Is it possible for me to set this up?
  5. Actually just realized it was my Pen tablet (huion).. just got this thing and its pen is like triple clicking on its own causing some problems in other programs too. Thanks for the help though, works fine now.
  6. No go. Still causes the UI to flicker quickly then enlarge with every curve adjustment.
  7. It seems like any curves causes this. The smart material editor causes it as well.
  8. I decided to trial 3D coat to see how its been doing. I ran into a problem with editing curves. When I adjust a curve dot in any way, the UI will flicker and scale inward. Basically shrinking in on itself with each movement of the curve dot. Is this a known issue? I searched but didnt find anything on it. Using windows 10 if it matters.
  9. Cyrdion

    [Solved] Quick Pick Object ?

    Also is there a way to rotate something along the X axis? I think thats the right axis. Basically if Im looking at a piece of paper, how would I rotate it clockwise in 3D coat? Edit: nevermind found the answer to this one finally. Still wondering about quick selecting.
  10. Im sure this is in one of the intro videos but I have no idea which one and I cant find anything on it. Is there a way to quickly select an object in the root? (ex. quick selecting eyes, or armor pieces). Zbrush's equiv was alt-tapping.
  11. Cyrdion

    Mesh is constantly lumpy, never smooth.

    It gets frustrating but I'll soldier on until my trials up. I see great potential in 3Dcoat. The sculpting is the one gate thats keeping me from using this and possibly suggesting it in the workplace. Thanks for the help thus far.
  12. Cyrdion

    Mesh is constantly lumpy, never smooth.

    That actually did help. Now im wondering though what is the benefit of using live clay instead of subdividing the entire model evenly? If I use live clay, I have to do extra work on smoothing and correcting the detail it seems. What would be the benefit if Im putting in more time fighting the program instead of sculpting art?
  13. Cyrdion

    Mesh is constantly lumpy, never smooth.

    I usually spot-subdivide in zbrush around the lips. I think the smooth algorithm in there works better or something because even with a difference like that, its NEVER lumpy unless its crazy high but I never go that high. Although i do use a mix of dynamic trim and smoothing. I was assuming the lumps were from using tris. If I can get around this I'd love to use 3Dcoat but its just simply not clicking. Using live clay even at low detail always leaves lumps along the transitions and inside. Its like I cant get a middle ground, its either too low res or too high and lumpy. Its frustrating. Relaxing seems to undo the detail I attempt to add. Ill give it another shot, maybe it will click.
  14. Cyrdion

    Mesh is constantly lumpy, never smooth.

    So you're saying I should do lips in voxels? Im assuming im going to have to raise the resolution of the voxels to get a decent pair of lips? When exactly am I supposed to use live sculpt then if at all? It would be great to see a character from start to finish in a tutorial somewhere. It seems impossible at the moment to get any creases done like I can in zbrush.
  15. Cyrdion

    Mesh is constantly lumpy, never smooth.

    Surface. I dont know how to check how many it actually has but I cant get my head around "detailing" with live clay or whatever its called. Here I was simply trying to block out the face and I noticed ive been spending an unnecessary amount of time for a simple blocking of the lips. Coming from zbrush, id just start low then subdivide untill I get a nice smooth look. If I need some quick topo then I zremesh. Quick and easy. Here in 3Dcoat it does not look like I can just quick retopo it and then continue to sculpt on it because of rooms. So I went lo poly, made a base that was relatively smooth, then tried adding details. Im constantly having to mess with the detail slider and the clean tool. Its pretty frustrating to be honest. I have yet to get a clean smooth surface. It seems more technical. I cranked up the detail further in the pic, trying to get some smoothness however then the surrounding area doesnt smooth evenly. So then im stuck. Am I supposed to ignore live clay and sculpt as I would in zbrush?