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    Gaming,3D and 2D game develoupment for Indie and industry.
    Comic art styles,and digital paint styles.
    Getting associated to folk.want to obtain things usually not possible.
    Wanting many great and underated cpoies of new and old apps
    Tradigital animation(traditional animations with digital touchups and features)
    To go around convenctions one day
  1. Darkzero779Projects

    Odd bug after a windows update?

    Oh,I have the stable release currently out,I was not aware on beta builds as latest.
  2. Darkzero779Projects

    Odd bug after a windows update?

    It does not show at my preferences menu
  3. Darkzero779Projects

    Odd bug after a windows update?

    I had updated on my surface pro 2,lately I can only pan an orbit around whenever I try to do anything, Even when I have my pen on the sculpt it just navigates when i try to stroke on it at all. Will try to go back on my windows before update to get back to it,but if anyone had similar issues let me know and if you found ways.
  4. Darkzero779Projects

    Darkzeroprojects sketchbook

    I need to keep consistant on my posts lol. Anyways.Ive been on 3d coat abit,but currently hunting for a good streamline tool for .Rigging .Rendering with lighting,shaders,etc .Animation for cg videos and games I been on blender but hate it,not into sub plans from autodesk am thinking to also Upgrading my education silence to pro. However am still saving up for that at this time.
  5. Darkzero779Projects

    Darkzeroprojects sketchbook

    Recently still taking time to get the hang of 3d coat.. Blender I never could get into due to its ui,sluggishness and such,but Im forced to use it till I can get a more streamline suite,but till then gonna only basic rigg anything im on. I made this ball thing for practice,then exported and rigged..a screenshot of it
  6. Darkzero779Projects

    Darkzeroprojects sketchbook

    Appreciate that,he isn't really a cat creature...despite the ears.. and since this is a ref sheet still in work and refinement,I will be fixing that,and the ref is for now just rough,so will make fixes to it. Thanks for welcoming me
  7. Darkzero779Projects

    Darkzeroprojects sketchbook

    I do currently got a Original character in works along with many others with reference sheets,decided to use my wip of this one sofar and have his front and side set for refs on 3dcoat
  8. Darkzero779Projects

    Darkzeroprojects sketchbook

    This gun was low poly modeled in Silo 2.3 It was based off a image of a friends gun on Deviantart and I made it as practice and a gift to her
  9. Darkzero779Projects

    Darkzeroprojects sketchbook

    A random part of a gun like asset. Still having abit trouble on the bits for the hard edges
  10. Darkzero779Projects

    Darkzeroprojects sketchbook

    Greetings,Darkzeroprojects here to make somewhat postings of my slowly develouping sculpting workflow. Now I admit Im currently got a lot to learn,but I have been for months learning and working on sculpts for my asset creation. heres a example of my wip of a stylized body of a character.
  11. Darkzero779Projects

    Introduce yourself!

    Darkzerop779projects... 23,Hobbiest ,and While Aint posted any 3D.. I dabble and practice with it some,and Tried 3D coat V4.0 some time....And... I Rly thought joining might be a nice intrest. Btw poor,so I was never able to buy 3d coat..so I just make the demos last.and learn and test enough to do. I hope whenever I come around,I get to see tricks,tools,and things here for and with 3D coat.