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  1. Beddall

    is there a way to crease retopo edges like in Zbrush?

    Hey, Thanks for the reply. I followed the videos you posted which is what I was actually trying yesterday, but I must be missing a step or doing something incorrectly as when I subdivide the mesh, the bevelled edges don't smooth correctly. In the example pic I have provided, you can see that the subdivisions smooth correctly over the sphere, but on the flat surfaces and the bevelled edges it keeps the shape of the original retopo mesh. It's adding divisions to these parts but no smoothing them at all. The result of this is an edge that is far from smooth. I can smooth it with the brush, but then I'm back to doing it manually and it looking 'not perfect'. Am i going wrong somewhere.. I seem to remember having this problem in the past but i can't remember if I ever solved it or not. as always, any help will be greatly appreciated. cheers.
  2. Hey, So my hard surface workflow in Zbrush would usually be to sculpt a rough version of my mesh, then retopo over it a low poly mesh, then crease the edges you want top remain sharp, subdivide a bunch of times. This way you can retain the really nice sharp edges but still have loads of subdivisions. Mainly I would use this on Organic Hard surfaces where bevelling isn't always an option. Is there a similar tool or workflow in 3DCoat? I'm aware of all the tools that allow you to crease edges at the sculpt level AFTER subdividing, but I find these usually give quite 'Blobby' results whereas making the creases at the lowest level of subdivision gives super smooth results. Any help would be greatly appreciated. cheers
  3. Beddall

    Mesh disappearing in Retopo room.

    Hey, I saw someone else post a topic about the mesh disappearing in the retopo room but they marked it as solved and I'm not sure it is solved. I also have this problem and it seems to me that it is very much a bug that didn't seem to be in previous versions of 3D-Coat. I've always found 3DC to be the best retopo solution I've come across, but currently it's bordering on unusable in my pipeline due to the mesh disappearing every few seconds. Moving the mouse over the mesh for more than a couple of seconds will cause the mesh to disappear every time. 100% repo. It's not that the view of the camera has changed, the viewport is simply displaying nothing but the environment background. No grid, no axis, no mesh, no nothing. The only way to bring it back is to frame all, but that's not really a solution when it's disappearing every few seconds. It seems to happen more reliably when using a tool that has selection highlight overlays. Is this a known issue? is there a proper fix? I can't take it any more.. is there somewhere or some way to revert to a previous release? I bought it through Steam so I guess that might be a bit of an issue...
  4. Hey, So I'm wanting to use zbrush controls in 3d coat. Mainly just to make it easier when switching between the 2 programs. (these are the only 2 3d apps I use with a Wacom). I have set 3dcoat to use the zbrush -like navigation controls but I'm spotting a problem. When using alt and tap to pan the view, it will continue to pan even when you lift the pen and it isn't touching the tablet. This is different to zbrush and the result feels very 'sticky'. is there a way to change this behaviour so that this action actually requires the pen to be touching the tablet at all times for it to work? cheers Edit: I can change the setting 'NotStrict' on theAlt+LMB action.. which will make it drop the tool as soon as I lift the pen from the tablet.. but this also stops the Alt-LMB > release Alt zoom action from working.
  5. Beddall

    Rmb no longer changes brush depth?

    Ok, I reset hotkeys to default which fixed the issue. Luckily I hadn't changed any hotkeys... so I guess that's not really a solution for someone who has and doesn't want to lose those settings.
  6. Beddall

    Rmb no longer changes brush depth?

    Hey, Somehow the rmb and drag up and down action no longer changes the depth of my brush. Is this something new to 4.8 or have I changed a setting somewhere without knowing it.? Now, rmb and dragging up and down does nothing. Left and right still changes the brush size however. I'm sure it's something obvious but I have been looking everywhere. cheers
  7. Beddall

    Retopo UV tools spacebar Quick access not working?

    hi, I'm on version 4.7.06. if i 'check for updates' through the help menu it tells me I am on the latest version.... went to download the latest beta but then saw this... Do NOT use beta builds in production if build is not marked as [STABLE] so... guess I wont be downloading that then cheers
  8. Beddall

    Retopo UV tools spacebar Quick access not working?

    ..also... to add to this... you can still select things that are positioned behind the spacebar menu. this results in you selecting an extra edge or what have you when you are trying to press a button. the actions then get carried out on the edges you wanted plus the extra edge. Is there an option i may have missed to disable that from happening? cheers
  9. Hey, In the retopo room , when you press SPACEBAR it brings up the quick select toolbox... in this there are quick access slots #1-8. firstly... this is an absolute stroke of genius...!! secondly.... it doesn't seem to work. I just watched a video tutorial so I know i'm using it correctly but nothing happens when i press the hotkeys.... also clicking on the icon in the quick select area doesn't work. is this a bug?
  10. Beddall

    UV Unwrap retopo objects individually??

    HI, unfortunately they don't have seperate UV sets. they need to be paged up onto the same texture page. So i need to be able to see all UV's at the same time, but only unwrap mesh B. I think i have found a solution by using 'To LSCM' in the selected section. it was having issues i think because, 'select UV Shell' selects uv shells based on their position in UV space it seems.... not based on whether or not they are actually connected. So I had marked all my seams... updated islands... but it was still selecting the whole thing as one UV shell.... until i moved them apart manually, face by face in the UV preview window. Thanks for the help
  11. Hey, Is it possible to 'Unwrap' retopo objects individually when they live in the same scene? I have 2 retopo objects ... A + B.. I have already unwrapped A, and edited UV's individually to get the exact layout i need. I import Mesh B as another retopo object as it's the 2nd half of mesh A. I try to unwrap it but whenever I do this it unwraps both models, overwriting the changes I have already made to mesh A The meshes live on seperate layers in the 'retopo objects' window. I've tried a number of options but I can't seem to find the workflow for unwrapping just the one mesh. any help would be greatly appreciated. cheers
  12. Beddall

    edit individual UVs in Retopo room?

    YES! FANTASTIC!... you're amazing! works perfectly I think the thing that was causing me trouble was that I was trying to use the 'select' tool in the geometry section.... can't believe it was so simple in the end. In case anyone else comes across this, the answer is to be in the 'Mark Seams' or 'Edge Loops' tools in the UV tool section of the retopo room. setting the selection filter in the top bar to 'tweak' allows you to very quickly edit UV's individually in the UV preview window Thanks for all the help. Really appreciate it
  13. Beddall

    improve quad topology?

    Hey, anyone know what 'improve quad topology' does under the retopo menu? I know it sounds obvious but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. All the questions I can find on the forum relating to this have gone unanswered. Does anyone have an answer? cheers
  14. Beddall

    edit individual UVs in Retopo room?

    Hey, Thanks for taking the time to reply and trying to help. I really appreciate it. I am aware that you can move individual UV islands /shells. ... what I'm asking is if there is a way to edit the individual UV points. the same way as you would in Maya, or any other 3D app. so that I can unwrap the problem areas manually. It seems that 3D coat only allows automatic unwrap, which in this case does not get rid of the overlapping UV's. I realise I could cut those sections out so that the auto-unwrap would have an easier time unwrapping them. but then I have more seams / UV shells than I would like. If this asset was only ever going to be edited by me then it wouldn't be a problem. but if anyone needs to edit the texture after I have authored it, they will be doing so in Photoshop.... so keeping seams / shells to a minimum is important. Hope that makes it more clear as to what I am asking.... to move a single UV point manually. that is all I would like. thanks
  15. Beddall

    edit individual UVs in Retopo room?

    Hey, In this instance no amount of cutting helped. infact, if i add more seams then they overlap even more as there is no tension between the concave faces. It's quite quick to edit it in Maya, it's just annoying haveing to export it just to move a few UV's then import it back to 3dcoat. ... if only i could just move a single UV it would be perfect.