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  1. jima

    Odd problem with curve stroke mode

    So, after playing with the settings a bit, it appears to be related to Detaching/Attaching to the surface. Detaching provides a smoothly drawn line, attaching to the surface provides a "dabbed" line. I usually use attach to surface, but it appears something changed at 4.9.05 or somewhat before. See attachment
  2. jima

    Odd problem with curve stroke mode

    Do mean is the bsplines box is checked?
  3. Attached is an example that illustrates four stroking modes. The first three work as expected. The fourth, curve stroke, behaves in a non-preferred way. It appears to be comprised of visible dabs along the curve. I do not have paint with dabs checked, but spacing is checked. I would prefer to be able to specify a curve stroke and have it draw continuously. Thank you for any feedback,
  4. jima

    XP Pen and 3d coat

    I am trying to use XP Pen deco 01 with 3dcoat. When I reposition the pen tip on the tablet and press down on the tablet to begin a stroke, something somewhere causes 3d coat to dynamic change the depth setting as I am moving the stylus across the tablet. I tried locking the depth but this didn't stop the problem. Anyone have thoughts on what I am missing? Thank you.
  5. I increased resolution in the underlying mesh and that made the difference. Brush was then better, but stencil looked a bit worse.
  6. I have a tif image that works fine as a stencil, but using the save image as a brush produced poor results: In the image above the stencil version is in the middle, brush versions are above and below. Thoughts on what I might do to get better quality for the brush version?
  7. I need to play with this some more. Even in sculpt room it appears to be painting
  8. I would like to use multiple stencils at the same time in 3dc without creating a new stencil in photoshop. Is there a technique to do this?
  9. I noticed that this problem goes back 7 years. The docs say they work together, but dabs becomes deselected once the brush moves. I am in the sculpt room. I can use surface>draw with spacing and seems to work. It "smears" if I use liveclay>extrude. Does dabs do anything? I am using the manual but not sure what I'm doing wrongly.
  10. Certainly useful information. I think I learned some things and discovered how to see the stencil mapping on the object: The circled controls in the upper right can be pressed to reveal the stencil mapping. For some of the mapping options, click on settings to see the mapping. Notice the check box in the lower left of the dialog box to Show Preview. Sliders will change the mapping.
  11. Is there a way to observe the mapping / wrapping of a stencil on the target mesh in full prior to actually transferring brush strokes? with camera view you get to see the stencil much better for things like sizing, rotating, etc. I want to be able to position the stencil exactly against the mesh. Thanks
  12. I assume the importing of curves/lines is intended to provide path guides for brush strokes. Is there a video on this? Thanks.
  13. jima

    splines vs bsplines b-splines

    I've attached a screen shot. What is the difference in behavior of choosing bsplines or not? By splines I have assumed we are referring to the lines we setup to guide the brush when we have chosen the noted option in the E panel.
  14. jima

    Photorealism in 3d coat render room

    I just got cycles working to suit me, and the 3cd pbr material translated very well. I exported as obj with material. I get that Andrew wants to get every aspect of 3dc the best it can be, but I'm not sure improving the render room is worth much effort considering what already exists. Thanks all for the help. I have other things I want to get back to, but I appreciate the knowledgeable input from everyone.