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  1. jima

    Learning 3dcoat - valuable noobie tool

    Or you can download this pdf I made of the wiki. Good for off-line reading. Mostly well-written technical writing. Aspects are out of date. Fast way of getting an initial overview and feel for what the product can do. Acquaints the reader with nomenclature and concepts. 3dcoat_wiki_collection.pdf
  2. I have barely scratched the surface of all the stuff 3dcoat can do. I have been looking for written documentation - the manual was not very helpful to me. A really good wiki page with hyperlinks to articles explaining features can be found here: http://3dcoat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Special:AllPages
  3. I never used the paint stuff until about 3 months ago. Until then, I had been using 3dc exclusively for surface sculpting on models designed in Rhino. Then I thought of a use for 2d images. If you are using an fdm/fff printer you may have already figured out that by applying a rough texture in the sculpt room to a model, you can increase the printed layer height and wind up with fast prints with no obvious layer lines.
  4. Thank you Carlosan. So what does PTEX do? Is there a way to get "per pixel" quality after you have entered the application in one of the other two painting modes? How are vertex and/or PTEX painting better than per-pixel? Thanks.
  5. My question is: Why? Vertex painting and PTEX don't look as good. Also, is there a way to change between these modes once you are past the splash screen. Thanks in advance!
  6. Excellent. That was the problem. Thanks!
  7. Here's what stencils look like for regularpaint: Here's how they appear for smartmaterials:
  8. Stencils appear to work differently with smart materials vs regular paint. In regular painting, stencils show up full screen and move and resize them easily. For smart materials, it shows a smaller, partial image of the stencil in the upper left corner which can't be moved. Please advise on what I am not understanding. Thank you.
  9. I was noticing the same thing. I enlarged my texture in PS, but still did not see a change when painting. Then, I increased the resolution of my model in the sculpt room to 16X. Even the low resolution texture applied beautifully. This may not be suitable for everyone, I know. I usually sculpt at a fairly high resolution for surface details and print on a 3d printer. Just starting with painting. Love the product, but I have to constantly learn new things.
  10. My cursor would not turn into a brush when moved over my model in the paint and sculpt rooms. Worked on new objects, etc. Somehow I hosed up the ability for that to work. Solution for me was Edit > Reset settings - prior to finding that, I messed around with it for an hour. Any thoughts on what setting I messed up? It might be educational when somebody uses "reset settings" to deposit a small text file somewhere specifying what settings were changed. It might also be helpful to the engineers for debugging purposes in some situations. Really love this product. Someday I will figure out all the little nuances. Thanks all.
  11. I'd like to let those experiencing low resolution video problems know that there is an option within the video to stream it at a higher resolution which I had not seen before. Thanks again to Javis for creating the tutorial and to Carlosan for responding.
  12. No. these are the ones I need: And this one looks the most important: Thanks for helping!
  13. Javis Jones authored a good video on smart materials, and it can be found at http://3dcoat.com/manual/paint/360-smartmaterials/ The sound is good but the quality of the video seems poor to me. Is there another location from which we get this? Thanks very much! The ones I'm interested in are near the bottom of the page at the docs url mentioned above.
  14. jima

    Can I use Substance materials in 3DCoat?