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    FBX Split up / Unity

    had nearly the same options like you (with unity as the preset where possible) but you brought me on the right track seems that in my right now limited understanding the whole mesh use 1 uv set my solution right now is (i can just paint the part i want to (like a helmet)) then export the textures for that and then in unity "extract" that part and make it a prefab with a new texture what I try next is just to delete the meshes in 3d Coat that i dont need and then just paint the rest and export that with the texture Should work too will report after trying that tomorrow thanks to all
  2. Arganth

    FBX Split up / Unity

    Yes the meshes all have different materials.
  3. Arganth

    FBX Split up / Unity

    Hey my fellow Artists my problem: what i want: import fbx file and paint them, export the textures and use them in Unity What I can do: works perfectly with a single fbx file with one mesh problem: fbx files which hold several other fbx files (armor, bodyparts...) with their own texture sets When I import it in 3d Coat I get the whole model with all parts kind of randomly lying around in the paint room is there a way to separate the fbx files? like just getting the armor, painting it, and maybe combine it later again with the main fbx?
  4. Arganth

    3DCoat vs other software

    Haha, I just was thinking I could repaint some 3D-Forge Stuff to fit my game, S4g4n comes along to add something to the topic: you can get a wealth of smart materials from: https://gumroad.com/michaelgdrs
  5. Arganth


    any ETA on new mats?
  6. Any Change for a discount? I am currently using it in trial mode and absolutely loving 3d Coat just far better than mudbox, and more an all around workhorse than zbrush or substance painter