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About Me

Hi all! My name is Andrew Krivulya and I'm 3D Artist which which specializes in hair&fur grooming, modeling, sculpting, rendering, texturing. I like create environment, different props for it, hair and fur for production and game characters.

I'm 27 years old. My working XP - 7 years.

I'm not a typical freelancer, I don't take any other projects, when I work on the one project with one customer - completely devoting all working time ... 
I work every day from 10 to 20.00. That is, as an office. 
Saturday-Sunday is the weekend. At the end of the working day - I show the workflow, so that the customer clearly understands the deadlines, but the discussion takes place the next day. 
Experience shows that this is the best variant of work =) I didn't failed any client and I try to solve any problem that arises, I discuss, I listen. I always online on Skype. That is, problems to discuss with a command any question - will not arise. I already practiced it. I am very conscientious about work and working without any distractions.

Here are some of my articles:

- Interview for Corona Renderer blog - http://bit.ly/2oKiB6v 
- Wacom Ukraine coupons 2018 - http://bit.ly/2FxgKLY 
- 80lv interview - http://bit.ly/2H7kvor 
- CGTrader Interview: Charly And His Freelance Road To Success - http://bit.ly/2FwjXv4 
- 3D Artist Magazine. Issue 96 
- 3D Artist Magazine. Issue 114 
- Render.ru magazine. February Issue 2018

Skype - andrew_krivulya 
Facebook - @artofcharly 
Vk - @artofcharly 
Instagram - @akcharly_art 
E - mail : artofcharly@gmail.com