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    4.8.18 - Gradient fill doesn't snap to mesh anymore?

    Okay, thanks!
  2. Hey, I installed 3DCoat on my new PC, so I have version 4.8.18. Usually, when you pick point 1 and point 2 within the gradient fill tool, if you click on your mesh, the point snaps to your mesh. However, I am clicking my mesh but the point is actually being set off in the distance. Is this a bug? Perspective when I set points Actual position of points when I move camera
  3. sazberryftw

    Recreating PS brushes in 3DCoat

    Thanks I'll take a look. Thanks, didn't know you could import ABR files. I've played with the 3DC brush options before, I was just curious if there was any info on how I could set up 3DC's brush options to replicate what a brush is like in PS.
  4. sazberryftw

    Recreating PS brushes in 3DCoat

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone had any tips for how to recreate PS brushes in 3DCoat. I have retrieved the alpha textures from the .abr file, but my issue is how to recreate the settings the brushes have in PS. For example, can I recreate dual brush? Transfer? Thanks Sarah
  5. sazberryftw

    [Issue] Keep losing work due to autosaves

    Hey, I've noticed that when 3DCoat has autosaved your work, it's displayed as saved (no astericks) but you haven't actually written over your main file. Multiple times now I have closed 3DCoat with no unsaved work prompt then opened my file later only to discover I've lost half my progress. I can't always get back autosaves if I've worked on enough other things to overwrite the autosaves.
  6. UPDATE: So I'm not sure how but I seem to have fixed it? I literally haven't done anything logical that would fix it. I closed and opened 3DCoat a few times, tried making a new file with the same FBX, re-exported the FBX, used an OBJ, none of these things worked. I then opened the original FBX into the UV room instead of the paint room and it imported fine, no frozen areas or strange UVs. Then I decided to open the original broken file and it opened completely fine exactly the way I left it when I saved. So I have no idea what broke or how I fixed it.
  7. I used 3DCoat's function to use the materials as different UVsets, 8 in total (it's called "Treat materials as different textures" for reference). But the mesh doesn't actually have 8 UVsets, only 1. I'm assuming it's lost the knowledge that each material is a UVset. It's also worth noting I just created a new 3DCoat file with the same mesh and now when I open it parts of the mesh are frozen and I can't unfreeze them? Odd that I didn't get this issue the first time around.
  8. Hi, I'm working on an object that has 8 different UV maps and I imported the object with "use materials as seperate UVs". It was all fine (and it's also worked fine in the past) but I closed and opened my project and now parts aren't reading the correct UV maps. It's wiped data from layers. When I re-import a texture onto one of the UV channels I seem to be able to see it when I rotate the model at a certain angle which is strange. It's reading the wrong UV when I opened it: I rotate the camera and get some weird UVs:
  9. sazberryftw

    Updating 3DCoat - installs the wrong version?

    Well I can't seem to use anything other than CUDA anymore! D: I guess I'll give it a go and see if I run into issues. Thank you for the help.
  10. sazberryftw

    Updating 3DCoat - installs the wrong version?

    Update: The download installs 3DCoat DX, DX(CUDA), GL and GL(CUDA), but only the CUDA versions are actually 4.5.37. I checked and my Nvidia driver appears to support CUDA so I guess I'll be okay using it?
  11. sazberryftw

    Updating 3DCoat - installs the wrong version?

    Ah okay! Well I never even owned version 4.0.04b before trying to update. The earliest version I've had was 4.5.19.
  12. sazberryftw

    Updating 3DCoat - installs the wrong version?

    Old icons links? I'm not sure what you mean sorry!
  13. sazberryftw

    Updating 3DCoat - installs the wrong version?

    No I don't run it through Steam. First, I tried just installing the new version. The second time, I made sure to uninstall 3DCoat, then install the new version. Neither process installed 4.5.37 (http://3dcoat.com/download/). I'm guessing 4.5.37 is the most recent stable version seeing as it's the one there.
  14. Hey, I just tried to update my 3DCoat to 4.5.37 but when it installs I'm running 4.0.04B. I'm guessing this isn't right? I can't open my .3b files either. Thanks Sarah
  15. sazberryftw

    Why doesn't the sampler tool take values to my brush?

    Nope they're enabled.