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  1. bernhard

    3dcoat - 3dsmax - Vray

    Thx digman and thx ABNRanger, so far my latest update documented on this youtube video: I already posted in the chaosgroup forum and hope to hear back from vlado and the team. You can find the post over here: http://forums.chaosgroup.com/showthread.php?85399-GGX-Shader-PBR-Shader-reproduction On top of it, I sent the question to their support team. And finally, I also sent Andrew from 3d coat an email with my latest tests, questions and attempts. I'll keep you posted with the progress !
  2. bernhard

    3dcoat - 3dsmax - Vray

    Yes, you can load of course every single image with a different gamma. You can also use gamma correctionn nodes. However, it's of course a pain doing this with every single image. That's why it would be great, if the images would have already the correct gamma when exporting from 3dcoat. I made another video about my progress which can be found here: http://www.bernhardrieder.com/3d-coat/ I appreciate any little help making this work. Again if you can tell for sure what map belongs to what slot of a VrayShader - would be great. @note: Digman mentioned the post over at polycount. However, they have been running tests exporting maps from Substance Designer, which is creating an IOR map. This map can't be exported from 3d coat. So any recommendations where the major maps should be used within the VrayShader, that would be my goal. - albedo - specular - metalness - roughness Also interesting that when exporting the albedo map with the spec gloss workflow, you get black pixels all over. Not sure if it's for a mask, or what ever and why the albedo map is different when you export the albedo map from metalness/roughness. You see.. lots of undocumented and unknown factors... at least for me at this point. Again, thx for any little help making this work. Love 3d coat so far, just need to find the right workflow to use it within my production pipeline. I am going to post all tests and updates on my page and hope to get help from the master itself, Andrew. Cheers and happy pixeling !
  3. bernhard

    3dcoat - 3dsmax - Vray

    3dsmax & Vray Workflow with 3ds max: QUESTIONS & Answers HD Video with QUESTIONS to 3D Coat, Linear Workflow and re-producing Vray Shaders inside 3dsmax. My website on which I am going to post all my progress and document step by step a workaround and solution: http://www.bernhardrieder.com/3d-coat/ Questions I hope I am going to get answered : What Gamma values do have the exported texture maps from 3d coat ? What texture map should be used in which slot of a Vray Shader ? Thanks a lot for any little help, hints, tips and tricks ! Happy Pixeling