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  1. MorganNilsson

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Apply UV Set tool missing in Retopo Room? There is currently no way to apply changes to the uv set prior to baking with an imported low poly in the retopo room.
  2. MorganNilsson

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    In surface mode: - Cut & Clone Tool doesn't have smooth boolean tool options exposed (it should since it works with it) - Cut & Clone Tool doesn't work in symmetry mode (Nothing happens when you use it on a symmetry axis) //fixed
  3. Haha yeah, that reinvestment went literally nowhere.
  4. MorganNilsson

    How should I carve in the orange screens?

    Showed two ways on the discord group that I might as well share here as well. https://streamable.com/gbbh9p https://streamable.com/7qp6lp
  5. MorganNilsson

    [Solved] DX vs GL

    Interested whether Andrew has considered Vulkan now that it is a thing, since he already back then seemed to not want to support both DX and GL. Also naturally curious how it will go with the Mac now going ARM64 based etc, but time will tell how it turns out on that one, too soon to say anything now.
  6. MorganNilsson

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    https://streamable.com/7x5zfn Proxy(downgrade) mesh doesn't return to voxel mode if you actually edit the proxy. This is really unfortunate and quite annoying when working, hope it is a simple fix Best regards //Morgan //fixed
  7. MorganNilsson

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    https://streamable.com/4a1boh - Fill Tool (Surface Brush) splits the mesh apart in Voxel mode. Edit: Clicking the command close holes even though it is greyed out in Voxel mode, somehow fixed it up (Got a panel prompt saying it had run its function) //fixed
  8. MorganNilsson

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    The "Activity Bar" also vanishes when going into the fill tool in the paint room, it only appears again if you go into preferences and press apply again. (If you do it with the fill tool active, the tool options vanish as well) //fixed
  9. MorganNilsson

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Phew, so not only me then Small comfort at the very least!
  10. MorganNilsson

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    That color setting is gone in multiple places I've discovered now, it is also gone for lights in the render room. //fixed
  11. MorganNilsson

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    In the latest MacOS build 4.9.52 (also latest public release, aka non-beta release) you can't choose color in the shaders anymore, the attached image is from the default shader. //fixed
  12. https://github.com/nidorx/matcaps Just wanted to share a ridiculously large library of matcaps that you can use in 3D Coat, I'll probably be spending the next month going through all just for fun
  13. MorganNilsson

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Thank you kindly for replying to that It makes it a lot easier to keep waiting just hearing anything about it!
  14. Hello! Not sure where to make feature requests but here goes. It'd be beyond wonderful if we could get stronger smooth brushes in Voxel mode, much like the smooth powerful and the other variants we have accessible in surface mode. The current smooth brush becomes quite useless at high polycounts, as in, it barely have any effect at all.