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  1. MorganNilsson

    So what workflow do you have when sculpting?

    My experience with resampling did not go too well since it totally destroys everything I have done unless I put in higher polycount than what I started with. Totally forgot that actually sculpting on a decimated mesh in 3D Coat works perfectly fine! That eases some of the problems up, thanks guys http://prnt.sc/cd0uf2
  2. MorganNilsson

    So what workflow do you have when sculpting?

    Hello! As the title suggests, what is your workflow when sculpting say organics or hardsurface objects in 3D Coat? Main reason I am starting this thread is because I am still struggling finding a workflow I am comfortable with in 3D Coat, I am used to dynamesh workflow to get my base forms, and then retopoing to a subdiv workflow for refinement and details. Which is something I can't reproduce in 3D Coat. So I am curious how other people approach sculpting with this wonderful piece of software. Now yes, I could be using a workflow with voxels or liveclay surface, but, I feel I have no control at all and eventually I have an uncontrollable mess where some areas are superdense and others are lowpoly-esque. I have really tried getting used to it, but I still feel like I am playing with fire. So, fellow 3D Coat'ers... What is your workflow when sculpting?
  3. MorganNilsson

    Tile voxels like UV tile?

    Have been tinkering with the tiled 3x3 things to create tileable textures... And finding this thread is actually a great relief because I was going insane thinking I just could not figure out how to actually use it properly.
  4. MorganNilsson

    Steampunk-esque Character

    Haha, thanks I am pretty new to it, but I am having a ton of fun so far!
  5. MorganNilsson

    Sculpting Seamless, Tileable Terrain Modules?

    Hello! Have you looked at these? What he essentially is doing is this: http://www.chricchio.com/portfolio-item/sculpting-seamless-texture-zbrush/ Edit: Just realized this was posted in july, wops.
  6. MorganNilsson

    Steampunk-esque Character

    Thanks @Michaelgdrs! I am still playing around with shapes, at the moment this is how it looks.
  7. MorganNilsson

    Steampunk-esque Character

    Hello! I just began using 3D Coat and felt it could be a good idea to post some of my wips on the forums. I am accustomed to Zbrush ways of doing things with multiple subdivision levels and etc, but I recently bought 3D coat because the pricing was just too good to miss for what you get. Hopefully with this thread I can get more comfortable with a workflow that suits 3D Coats strengths. This is the character I am working on currently for a game concept I have created. It is probably not going to end up in the actual game, but I found it to be a good way to learn and practice with 3D Coat. Overall there are a few things I am uncertain about, for example. What is the deal with not being able to remove paint layer 0 in painting, and are there ways to reset it to default other than just exporting the sculpt and then reimport it into a new project? Also, what kind of workflow is common when sculpting in 3D Coat start to finish? I sort of miss being able to step down in subdivisions to do large structural changes without destroying details I have done on the higher subdivisions. I also stream most of my sculpting/3d related sessions on Sywork, so please do take a peek if you are feeling bored or just want to laugh at how horrible I am! https://sywork.tv/channel/name/morgannilsson Happy sculpting! Best regards //Morgan