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  1. MorganNilsson

    3DCoat 4.9 <Open BETA> testing thread

    Thank you kindly for replying to that It makes it a lot easier to keep waiting just hearing anything about it!
  2. Hello! Not sure where to make feature requests but here goes. It'd be beyond wonderful if we could get stronger smooth brushes in Voxel mode, much like the smooth powerful and the other variants we have accessible in surface mode. The current smooth brush becomes quite useless at high polycounts, as in, it barely have any effect at all.
  3. MorganNilsson

    3DCoat 4.9 <Open BETA> testing thread

    Would it be possible to get an estimate or at least a small progress report on how the MacOS builds is coming along?
  4. MorganNilsson

    3DCoat 4.9 <Open BETA> testing thread

    Any info you can share about BaseBrush? I can't test it as the Mac version isn't up to date yet Is it a universal brush system that works between both Voxel and Surface mode etc?
  5. MorganNilsson

    Soft booleans in 4.9?

    Will this come to voxel mode as well? (Would be super awesome)
  6. MorganNilsson

    Free stuff & addon

    http://www.pixelcg.com/blog/?p=165 These works great as matcaps in 3D Coat Just copy an existing matcap shader in 3d coat and replace the texture with one of these.
  7. MorganNilsson

    3DCoat 4.9 <Open BETA> testing thread

    Well, it is a behaviour that is really annoying, so I hope it is a bug... Either way, it is reported now, I think... This is the place to report beta bugs, right?
  8. MorganNilsson

    3DCoat 4.9 <Open BETA> testing thread

    When I am in voxel mode and do a proxy, and then restore it, it enters voxel mode as it should. But, if I do the same thing, but actually edit the proxy(like using the move brush for example), and then restores it, it always goes into surface mode instead of voxels as it should. This is on the MacOS build 4.9.04. Best regards //Morgan
  9. MorganNilsson

    Blendshape workflow in 3DCoat ?

    Thanks but that ain't exactly an optimal workflow(can't drag a slider to quickly preview the different expressions etc) nor does the "blendshapes" get embedded into a single fbx file. Noteworthy is that being able to drag a slider to change to a different expression is very useful when painting your models as well.
  10. MorganNilsson

    Blendshape workflow in 3DCoat ?

    As the title suggests, I am curious if we today can create blend shapes in 3D Coat and have it be exported with the FBX file. Best regards //Morgan
  11. MorganNilsson

    Mac Version please

    Some ETA would be great if possible :)
  12. MorganNilsson

    So what workflow do you have when sculpting?

    My experience with resampling did not go too well since it totally destroys everything I have done unless I put in higher polycount than what I started with. Totally forgot that actually sculpting on a decimated mesh in 3D Coat works perfectly fine! That eases some of the problems up, thanks guys http://prnt.sc/cd0uf2
  13. MorganNilsson

    So what workflow do you have when sculpting?

    Hello! As the title suggests, what is your workflow when sculpting say organics or hardsurface objects in 3D Coat? Main reason I am starting this thread is because I am still struggling finding a workflow I am comfortable with in 3D Coat, I am used to dynamesh workflow to get my base forms, and then retopoing to a subdiv workflow for refinement and details. Which is something I can't reproduce in 3D Coat. So I am curious how other people approach sculpting with this wonderful piece of software. Now yes, I could be using a workflow with voxels or liveclay surface, but, I feel I have no control at all and eventually I have an uncontrollable mess where some areas are superdense and others are lowpoly-esque. I have really tried getting used to it, but I still feel like I am playing with fire. So, fellow 3D Coat'ers... What is your workflow when sculpting?
  14. MorganNilsson

    Tile voxels like UV tile?

    Have been tinkering with the tiled 3x3 things to create tileable textures... And finding this thread is actually a great relief because I was going insane thinking I just could not figure out how to actually use it properly.
  15. MorganNilsson

    Steampunk-esque Character

    Haha, thanks I am pretty new to it, but I am having a ton of fun so far!