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  1. Thanks for the tip. Didn't know that. I tried it and I can see where that would be handy as well. Most times, if I'm retopoing a vehicle, I want to fully relax the verts I have selected between the bounding verts of a section. Probably a toss up which is faster, but a start, stop button might be more obvious.
  2. Instead of having to repeatedly hitting the Relax button, it would be great if there was a Relax Start and a Relax Stop button. Hitting Relax Start would automatically continuously relax the retopo points until Relax Stop is pressed. This is the way the Relax tool in the 3DS Max UVW editor works and it's really fast and handy. Bony
  3. digman, Yes, if you check out the other images I posted, you're seeing what I'm seeing. Thanks, Bony
  4. AbnRanger, Yes it does it for me, but I can't think of a time it created the padding in a way that was useful. As you can see in the sequence of images I have attached, the image that 3D Coat exports with padding doesn't give me what I need. It's just expanding already messed up pixels on the edges! This is why I'd like more control over the padding that gets created as I'm painting. I really want to make the padding for myself in 3D coat thanks. Once I take the image into PS and fix the padding so the bitmap overlaps the UV islands (Image 4) you can see that I get the effect I want on my model (Image 5). If you can show me a way to make 3D coat export padded images that are closer to what I make by hand in PS, I'm all ears. Bony
  5. Neo and carlosa, Those options only pertain to padding that gets created when the image is exported. They have nothing to do with how much padding there is around UVs when you are actually painting in the Texture Editor or the viewport. I sure wish they did. Bony
  6. I'm working on mobile games and I usually have very small texture maps to use on my objects. 512x512 is the size I have to work with for my assets a lot of the time. Because of this, I'll use the polys of my objects and UV islands to get nice clean edges rather than drawing lines in a bitmap. For example, I would separate the UV island of an entire window to get clean hard edges around the edge of the window when it renders in the game engine. I do all of my retopo work in 3D-coat and I like painting my objects in 3D-coat as well but I'm getting a bit frustrated. I've been looking for a way to increase the edge padding around my UVs when I'm painting textures in the Texture Editor in the Paint Room. I'm talking about the bitmap edges around my UV islands in my texture, not about the space between UV islands when they're packed. As far as I can tell, there is no way to increase the size of the padding until I export the map. By default, the padding is set to 1 pixel I think. I want to be able to increase this padding when I'm painting, so my UV islands sit inside a solid color and don't have the color of the polys that they're next to bleeding onto my edges. See the attached images. Also, in the Texture Editor, it would be great if there were an option to "turn off" the respecting of the UV islands and just let me paint wherever I want as a plain old 2D image. Even in the areas where there are no UVs. Right now I have to export my map (say the diffuse map) from 3D-coat and then take it in to Photoshop and clean up the edges and add my own "padding" to the UV islands to get rid of the jaggy bleeding stuff. Even when I tell 3D-Coat to export the map with extra padding, the results aren't always that great and I still end up with jaggy edges and bleeding in some areas. I want to control this padding myself when I'm painting. Am I missing something? How do the rest of you handle this? I could just paint my map completely in PS but It would be faster is 3D-Coat. Bony
  7. Fixed it. Ran 3DX control panel as Administrator and now 3DC recognizes the SpacePilot buttons.
  8. Thanks for your response. It's good to know that it's possible to make it work as-is, but I still can't make 3DC respond to any function buttons on my SpacePilot. I can use the custom functions on the SpacePilot to work in other apps but not for 3DC. It's a mystery. I'm going to try it on my other rig and see if I can get it to work there.
  9. Are there any plans to support the 3Dconnexion SpacePilot Pro? I know there is some support in 3D coat at the moment for the basic 3DX mouse, but it is limited. It would be really handy to be able to take advantage of the programmable buttons for Fit and the orhtographic views (among many other things). 3DS Max takes advantage of the other buttons, and I really like jumping between 3DC and Max using the SpacePilot Pro. I don't seem to be able to associate 3DC actions with the SpacePilot Pro buttons from the 3DX control panel, so it appears it would need to be done within 3DC. Bony
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