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  1. Riddell

    Free PBR Smart Materials 2016

    Here is the new link to my full set of my PBR Materials: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B3JVfUcxeTJtNzFtVVNVeWZ6Mk0
  2. Riddell

    Free PBR Smart Materials 2016

    Hi guys and gals, sorry for the long delay. I've been away from PBR materials for a while learning UE4. The webserver that I was using to host the PBR materials became corrupted which is why I had to take it offline. I should be able to re-upload the 3DCoat extension file which contains all the Smart Materials shortly and work on getting everything else back up and running shortly.
  3. Riddell

    Imported AO map not displaying

    Yeah, your screenshot shows how I was importing. Weirdly, I have restarted my PC and the AO is now importing correctly onto the model! Bit of a strange one but at least it's working now.
  4. Riddell

    Imported AO map not displaying

    Hi Carlosan, I'm running Beta 4.5.33
  5. Riddell

    Imported AO map not displaying

    Hey folks. I'm trying to import an AO map generated outside of 3DC however the maps aren't displaying on my model in the paint room: http://i.imgur.com/tAvlfBu.png. If I generate the map from within 3DC itself, it displays fine. Is there anything I need to do to explicitly enable an imported AO map? Cheers.
  6. Riddell

    Using fill mode with smart textures: granularity?

    I'm not sure if I understand your question fully, however it sounds like you are wanting to scale your Smart Material. Have a check at this post: http://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18958 If you click and drag the magnifying glass icon in the "Preview options" toolbar you can resize your Smart Materials.
  7. Riddell

    Free PBR Smart Materials 2016

    A few more simple Smart Materials added this afternoon: • Wood oak 3 • Wood planks 1 - 5 • Rock wall http://roughmetal.duckdns.org/ Enjoy!
  8. Riddell

    Free PBR Smart Materials 2016

    Hi folks, hope everyone is having a good weekend. I've been pretty busy (or lazy?) this week so haven't had a chance to spend much time with 3DC so just a single new Smart Material this week - silver foil I have however spent a bit of time fine tuning some of my older smart materials which have now been updated and I've refreshed all of the previews with higher quality versions. http://roughmetal.duckdns.org/ Stay tuned for more!
  9. Hi nwitchell, I have been practicing with the PBR smart materials for a good few weeks now and have been able to achieve much higher quality by using a combination of high resolution textures and a nice high resolution mesh/UV. Are you painting directly onto Voxels or do you have a nice UV map that you are working with? If your UV map is stretched and distorted your painting will look ugly. Looking at your first image, it looks like you have a bit of distortion/artifacting in your mesh. Here is an idea of the kind of quality that can be achieved with 3Dcoats Smart Materials: http://roughmetal.duckdns.org/assets/img/metal_raw_worn_full.png Another user of the forum has literally hundreds of awesome Smart Materials available as well if you are interested: https://gumroad.com/michaelgdrs
  10. Riddell

    Free PBR Smart Materials 2016

    Just uploaded an extra weekend treat if anyone is looking for some bashed, worn metal: http://roughmetal.duckdns.org/ I've also moved all of the Smart Materials over to Google Drive so you should hopefully get better download speeds.
  11. Riddell

    Free PBR Smart Materials 2016

    Haha! Still got a lot to learn to try and get quality like your materials!
  12. Riddell

    Free PBR Smart Materials 2016

    3 more Smart Materials added, now with higher quality previews! • Painted metal • Worn painted metal • Granite http://roughmetal.duckdns.org/ Enjoy!
  13. Riddell

    Free PBR Smart Materials 2016

    Another couple of Smart Materials added today ready for download http://roughmetal.duckdns.org/. Wanted to try and create some heavy grunge/wear textures and relatively happy about how they turned out. ... And here is an early preview of what I'm trying to get working at the moment, should be able to get a few more uploaded next week. Have a good weekend folks!
  14. Riddell

    Weird UV splotches

    Do you have the "Show Voxels in the paint room" option disabled under the View menu?
  15. Riddell

    Free PBR Smart Materials 2016

    A few more (wood!) PBR's added. One includes an attempt and something other than a perfect surface! http://roughmetal.duckdns.org/ I think I will take a break from wood for a little while and try some other material types. Perhaps stone next. P.S. I took your advice Digman and packaged all of the Smart Materials as a 3dcpack extension - much simpler!