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  1. paulo3d

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Should have been more specific. When I use the tools not the auto retopo option. the model vanishes when I use the quad tools. Happens if I zoom in too close on the model. and is it worth it to send my crash report or do they go straight to apple? Thanks
  2. paulo3d

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    I'm trying 3D Coat beta version 4.9.04 keeps crashing when using retopo on a Mac, question is when I send the report , does 3Dcoat receives them or they go straight to Apple? Thanks Paul
  3. paulo3d

    Latest work

    Terrific Work!!!
  4. paulo3d

    Werner's 3D Coat Journey

    Terrific work!!! Well done, Congrats. Cheers Paul
  5. paulo3d

    Extended PBR Shader Pack

    Sweet . Thanks for this pack.
  6. paulo3d

    Les personnages de Hot Christmas

    Super. Beau travail. on peut voir les wires.
  7. paulo3d


    I Finally have some free time to start learning 3D Coat. really fun program to use. can't wait to learn more about the tools.
  8. paulo3d

    Return in Glory

    Beautiful artwork!
  9. paulo3d

    SteamPunk Motorcycle with Female Rider

    that's a crazy looking cool bike ... awesome work!
  10. paulo3d

    Red Skull

    Totally Evil!
  11. paulo3d

    New_Web page look

    Hello Timmy at the bottom of the web forum page, you can change the theme just click on change theme and 3dcoat skin
  12. paulo3d

    New_Web page look

    Just purchased 3DCoat recently and i got to say, the new website is really looking great, easy to navigate, easy to retrieve informations, great neutral colours, so in conclusion, Awesome Job! Cheers Paul
  13. paulo3d

    Introduce yourself!

    Helly everyone finally jumped the gun and purchased 3d coat, tried the lathe tool and it is exactly what I wanted to quickly create mockup products. Paul