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  1. Thanks Carlosan for the reply Couldn't find beat 4.9.74 for the mac so i tried 4.9.65 that version worked
  2. i'm trying to bake a model from 3d coat 4.9.72 and i've tried pretty much all the options to bake out and still no good result. I've tried the same scene in 3DCoat 2021 and it worked on the first try. oh yeah My question is where can i find the previous version from 4.9.72 , i think it was the 4.9.65 or if someone knows a fix for the 4.9.72 that would be great Thanks Paul and no i haven't upgraded yet, i miss the sale so i'll wait a bit not by choice, the brakes on the truck had to be replaced
  3. Master Art Level Work!!!! Congrats
  4. Just wanted to pop in to say "Job Well done on this 3D Coat upgrade Pilgway Team" Absolutely love it, so fast and fluid, so many goodies in all 3D production aspects. You guys rock!! Paul
  5. you found it. under special, that's what i was looking for. not sure why it isn't under the clear button or at least in the common section but no matter, thank you for spotting it. back to work now
  6. Thanks anyway. that i know how to do. hover over point and hit delete key. What I mean unwanted floating points in space , those points that are hiding under the imported mesh whne you work close to symmetry center line, you tend to drop points that you don't see or want.
  7. forgot to mention the points come from the points/face tool basically i tend to put unwanted points in space
  8. in retopo is there an easy way to remove unwanted points instead of chasing them one by one thanks
  9. Should have been more specific. When I use the tools not the auto retopo option. the model vanishes when I use the quad tools. Happens if I zoom in too close on the model. and is it worth it to send my crash report or do they go straight to apple? Thanks
  10. I'm trying 3D Coat beta version 4.9.04 keeps crashing when using retopo on a Mac, question is when I send the report , does 3Dcoat receives them or they go straight to Apple? Thanks Paul
  11. Terrific work!!! Well done, Congrats. Cheers Paul
  12. I Finally have some free time to start learning 3D Coat. really fun program to use. can't wait to learn more about the tools.
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