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  1. Ma3rk

    Lightwave 2018 models not loading

    Newtek changed the model format with 2018. As such, there are a number of 3rd parties playing catch up. I don't know if there's a spcific workflow to get around that In the mean time. In Layout 2018, you can export objects out to 2015 version for example. There are also some tools in the OD Toolset that allows surfacing of 2015 & 2018 on the same object, but suspect the object itself is strictly 2018. Probably fine for getting UV's from 3DC to LW, but probably going to be awhile before being able to migrate textures to Newteks newer version.
  2. Ma3rk

    Kenmo's WIP

    Nice stuff. Good to see more Topaz Labs & Studio users.
  3. Ma3rk

    Lightwave 2018

    It's $295 until March for upgrade from LW 2015.
  4. Ma3rk

    Paths of Hate.

    It was very engrossing. Curious what all they used to create it in fact. Obviously a team effort. The site for the shorts collection also has one of my all time favorites: "Fallen Art".
  5. Ma3rk

    Newbie, SFX artist and qustions

    It'll come to you ... about 3 in the AM of course!. I've managed to keep in touch with a few of the crew over the years. I'll be moving back to Portland area in ~ 3 years. Small world. M.
  6. Ma3rk

    Newbie, SFX artist and qustions

    Hey Richard, Just a quick shout out. I was one minions on the model crew for 5th Element; primarily on the mini lighting crew. Perhaps our paths crossed. I was quite familiar with the taxi's and that blasted police cruiser trying to keep the flashing lights working ,etc., and of course the Pfiloston! Things are a lot different with digital these days that's for sure. Looking forward to seeing what you do with 3DC.
  7. Ma3rk

    Export all textures without including Object?

    Ah. Yes, that would be slick.
  8. Ma3rk

    Export all textures without including Object?

    Took me awhlie to find this as well as I was wanting a means of having hte wireframe of the UV map. I think what you might be after is: Edi t> Edit All layers in External Editor. Ctrl-P by default. This opens PhotoShop up and from there you could save the file off to work on outside of 3DC.
  9. Ma3rk

    Download more smart material

    Google Translate results in the name being Victor Terekhin.
  10. Ma3rk

    Transparency & 3D-Coat

    Ah, found older Psionicgames vid that showed from the Paint Room, using the Export LAYERS menu (not Textures) but choosing just the Color option. That will export the color laer of course PLUS a wireframe layer. Selecting the All Layers option DOESN'T export a wire frame reference. Why shouldn't t that export a wireframe as well? Very confusing.
  11. Ma3rk

    Transparency & 3D-Coat

    Wow. 60+ views and not a single reply. Well, I found a 4.00 Beta vid on Layer Masks which seems to be what I'm looking for. It uses the term Link Layers however which makes sense; 4.5+ has changed this name to Clip mask. This was confusing as in Lightwave, a clip mask is either on or off; no gradient, it just clips. In 3DC, this isn't the case. You can paint with feathering as well as set the layers opacity value. So by setting multiple layers to a new layer used as a Mask, you could in fact paint on multiple layers and fade all as I'm wanting. One problem is that it's a really convoluted process of back & forth setting each desired layer one at a time; 3DC has no way of selecting multiple layers. BTW, 3DC could aslo use a Revert to last saved option in the File menu. I haven't tested yet as to what this means when exporting layers; do they get clipped in the process or does this new Mask layer get exported as well & are the layers “linked”. I also tested creating a simple Transparency layer in LW and this does work as I'm wanting as well. I just now need to find out (remember) how to export out the wireframe of the UV. I did it before but it's apparently a bit hidden. Perhasp someone could at least point me in the right direction for that. Thanks.
  12. Ma3rk

    Transparency & 3D-Coat

    I've been searching but really haven't found much on working with Transparency when painting beyond this posting: http://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18649&p=129547 The problem with this is being able to perform the erasure across multiple layers at once. It doesn't appear that 3DC has have a means of using a layer as a transp mask in other words, but maybe it does and just not an apparent process. I'm still pretty new to using it. Would doing this be better within the end 3D app (in my case Lightwave) as I could create one mask using an exported UV wireframe then apply where needed (color, spec., etc.)? For example, I'm working on a goldfish model and need to make the fins partially transparent & translucent. Are there any 3DC tutorials out there specific to this task? Also, there's an RMB menu item when in Paint room to “make transparent” a layer, but again can't find much info on it's use.
  13. Ma3rk

    Baking transparency?

    I've gotten the basics of this working but wondering if there's a way of ganging layers so that the erasing operation is in sync so to speak? I'm working on a fish & trying to figure out the best approach for transparency & translucency. Similarly, I'm not fully understanding the RMB function of Make Transparent for a layer. Seems that the Blend mode is important for ths to work properly. Any tutorials anywhere on this? Thanks.
  14. Ma3rk

    Overlapping UV islands conundrum

    OK. I whanged on it some more and figured out what wasn't clicking with my wetware the 3DCoat process. I went back to the model in LW and found & fixed some things that would happen when mirroring the geometry. Fixed a couple poly flow issues around the fins as well. Marking seams is quite the Art & Science, Trial and Error, ah HA! type process I'm finding. The biggest revelation was that I needed to perform the Update Islands task, then re-unwrap. Until I got everthing in it's seperate spot, I couldn't perform the flipping & rotating of the UVs w/o mucking the companion side. That and learning the difference between Pack UV and PackUV2. Happy to report that I believe I've sorted it out & ready to carry on. I wanted to be able to get entirely though the process to create a genuine UV. I tried the PTex route as well which seemed idiot proof, right out of the box paint & (I think sculpt) right on your model & not have to worry about anything not being seamless.
  15. Ma3rk

    Overlapping UV islands conundrum

    I guess part of what I'm testing is workflow coming out of Lightwave. Is there any advantage woking with it's LWO format vs. OBJ. Should I import object as a subpatched mesh vs poly faces? Which OBJ export options do I need or need to ignore? Those sorts of things Oh, and what prep do I need to do in Lightwave to seperate out the the needed layers in 3DC? It doesn't seem to go by Modeler's Layer scheme but rather by surface name. I know it split up some earlier fiddling around but was paying attention to other things to understand what happened. For the mostpart, 3DC seems fine with the .lwo's so if I can stick with that the better. It's coming back to me now though that there were some mirroring issues that don't show up when in sub-D mode. I'm still not sure what process you performed that split body island that looked seperate but isn't. Perhaps you'd detail a bit. Thanks.