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  1. Ma3rk

    3Dcoat to lightwave2019

    I might add that the toolset has had a PBR loader for use in Layout as well.
  2. Ma3rk

    Aquatic Hermit Crab

    Oh he is nice. One of my favorite critters as well.
  3. Looks to me as just flipped (normals) polys, at least that's how it would look in Lightwave.
  4. Ma3rk

    Export for Lightwave ?

    FWIW, I still can't import an lwo made in Modeler (2018.0.06) into 3DC (2.8.20). All other formats behave as expected though; obj, fbx, even stl. I suspect that the workflow mention by philnolan3d actually saves out to the LWO2 which Modeler 2018 wouldn't have any issue opening. What Carlosan mentions though is the SCENE file.
  5. Ma3rk

    Export for Lightwave ?

    OK. Good to know. Hadn't tried them for awhile as there were issues a while back. I didn't understand why as 2018 can open the older lwo version, just not the other way around. So no issues with the new surfacing system in 2018?
  6. Ma3rk

    Export for Lightwave ?

    Lightwave 2018 uses a different LWO format now than what 3DC writes. Still can use them for 2015. Once you import the FBX, you can then save items as a 2018 lwos.
  7. Ma3rk

    Export for Lightwave ?

    Exporting out of 3DC as an FBX file works quite well for taking items into Lightwave. The file can be opened in either Layout or Modeler depending on what you're needing to do.
  8. Ma3rk

    3DCoat to Keyshot 5.0

    Thought I was onto something as he does have tools that move across platforms & apps, but most are Lightwave specific. But take a look at this & what he's made as just one of his tools. In any case, you might get in touch with Oliver and perhaps he can fix you up. What your showing isn't much different that what LWer's usually have to slog through.
  9. Very Strange. Earlier was 100% would do it. Now I can't get it to. Both opened up with snapping at 77% though. Maybe brush radius was a factor as that's the only thig I recall changing & that in turn is related to snapping? Alright. Gonna just chalk it up to Evil Spirits and move on. If it happens again I'll try to get more symptoms. Tnx M.
  10. Wow. As I said, good thing I saved my file w/ new name when I could. Really not sure what happened but I was in Retopo and simply tweeking some vertices with the Brush tool. Had one that didn't want to move & was zooming in tighter & trying to adjust or test brush size I think. Didn't know if it was too small or large. Anyway, suddenly cursor went wild, had it off active panel but not when I tried to dismiss. Got some Windows error about Explore. Kept hitting ESC & At-Tabbing until message came up about something being unstable, save project which I did. Finally was able to exit to the Desktop. I usually do a simple log-off & back on at this point which I did. Instead, Win went into restart, but I had to hit Reset as it had hung. Upon restart, had to enter BIOS as there was an Overclocking error. Did so & all was as it should be so Saved & restarted. Windows starts uneventfully. Start 3DC but instead of selecting the previous which it shows as the CrashSave file, I open the file I was working on just before. I go back to the same area (Left Eye) & try the same process of using Brush & tweeking the verts. Just a slight move sends the vert off the screen. Tried on a few others & same thing. I then open the CrashSave file & try the same thing and it works as expected. I go back & forth testing both projects & it's 100% consistent. The Autosave files are earlier than than the crashsaved one so no clues there. My questions are: What should I be on the lookout for? Something like this a known quirk; I mean how would I even search for something like this? Thanks.
  11. Ma3rk

    LightWave Applink

    Sad to hear but understandable. Perhaps you could post a quick note on the Newtek Lightwave forum and let them know there as well. Maybe that'll flush someone out that can continue.
  12. That CAN'T be a valid path with a forward slash "\" can it? I'd focus on that as the issue.
  13. Ma3rk

    [Solved] Quad Tool Hanging in Retopo

    Excellent, thanks. That did the trick. That a known issue? M.
  14. I'm just getting back into 3DC & trying to come up to speed with all sorts of things. Finally got a workflow for Retop working with LW 2018 and generally maling good stides at working with the program again. Then I hit this snag. Tried to search on this & thought I'd found a topic on it, but lead no where. Anyway, I uploaded brief video to tech support but thought I'd put a screen capture here as well. I can be working along just fine. Use the Points/Faces tool, no problem. Then to try & speed things up switch to the Quads tool & upon getting to the last point it all freezes. 100% repeatable. Sometimes I get to the 2nd poly. Have cursor freedom but can't do anything. I do kinda like the little white mouse droppings though. Every click opens up some menu that won't close. First time this happened I had no idea what I'd clicked; I was looking away & accidentally hit the key board. I was asked to save the file & did. Upon restart of 3Dc & the file, I was back at the same "hung" state. I finally stumbled on something that released it but again don't know what as I was buried under a dozen or so menus. When I finally stumbbled onto what triggered it, I made sure not to save, so was able to document. Anyway, is this the same know issue or something new & improved? What's the larger white rectangle (not the edge selection) indicate? My ancient nVidia Quadro 4000 drivers are up to date, etc. Running Win7 64 Pro. Thanks. Will avoid the tool for now.
  15. Ma3rk

    Lightwave 2018 models not loading

    Newtek changed the model format with 2018. As such, there are a number of 3rd parties playing catch up. I don't know if there's a spcific workflow to get around that In the mean time. In Layout 2018, you can export objects out to 2015 version for example. There are also some tools in the OD Toolset that allows surfacing of 2015 & 2018 on the same object, but suspect the object itself is strictly 2018. Probably fine for getting UV's from 3DC to LW, but probably going to be awhile before being able to migrate textures to Newteks newer version.