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    AUTO retopo crashes 3dcoat on OSX

    Unfortunately I get consistent crashes with autotopo in Catalina on 2020 Mac Pro with most recent version of 3Dcoat.
  2. IsleofGough

    Multiple UVs

    I know this is a very beginner question, but is there a way to have separate UV's on an imported fbx object? If I export a fbx from Houdini that is composed of several different objects with their independent UVs, I can independently paint them in substance painter. In 3D coat, the only thing that appears to work is to solo the various objects and paint that and export the textures; and then I start all over importing the fbx and painting the second object. Even if one object is on solo, painting will affect all objects, as they are seen as occupying the same UV space in 3D coat. As a second question, if one has polygon groups in a fbx file, can you select these groups for painting?