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  1. Oh thanks Carlosan, I was looking for that software a few days ago but I couldn't remember the name of it !
  2. Mr.Panka

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    You're using the BETA version of a software... If it's not in the patch notes, you can assume that it's a bug.
  3. Well, at least be happy you're not a Mac user. We have no loading bar at all, so I have to guess if 3DC is working or frozen, incremental rendering is broken, CUDA acceleration is not a thing, renderman has never worked...
  4. Really ? AFAIK, these 2 attacks can works with just a webpage, and virtual machine or other security mesures are useless. Do you have more infos on it ? For the 30%, it was one benchmarks on one server with a security fix that slow it down. Most benchmarks for gaming software show no real slowdown. Let's hope the intel patches are good.
  5. I thought this was coming in the futur, isn't it ? ATM I use 3Dc and Blender for look dev (so no retopo and no Uvs), it works pretty well, the only downside is that it make shading and texturing in 3DC kinda useless for me, the result is too different in blender. on the other side, I can really use renderman in 3dc either, there's no IPR and the result is too different from what I see in 3DC when I create a shader. Still, having a nice rendering engine is 3dc is pretty cool, I use it to do clay renders, while I'm sculpting. Substance does have Iray in it, so I can see the result without changing app every 2 secs (but Substance is a little different, it's a pure texturing app than could be amazing as a plug-in in others apps). But what happened to the universal app link ? It could solve this problem. Isn't Euclideon just basically voxel ?
  6. Mr.Panka

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    in 4.8.01 on Mac, renderman is not working. Render preview does nothing, and Final Render is a black image. Open render result crash 3DC. Is it a bug, or just RM for 3DC is still a WIP ?
  7. Good news everyone ! http://www.cgchannel.com/2017/08/pixar-unveils-renderman-22-and-renderman-xpu/ Renderman going cpu/gpu, that's pretty cool for 3dc
  8. Mr.Panka

    3DCoat 4.7 (BETA testing thread)

    AFAIK, renderman in 3DC is not working on Mac yet.
  9. Mr.Panka

    RenderMan render

    Wait, did I miss something, or is it a new secret super shader ?
  10. I'd really like to have a post by Carrots on what is the futur of rendering in 3Dc, and what he think about the differents rendering engines.
  11. I know it doesn't help a lot, but 3DC works fine on my MacBook Pro 2014. Do you have every drivers up-to-date ? the only difference I can see is that I have a Nvidia card, and you have an AMD card.
  12. Mr.Panka

    Endless loading times

    I don't think is it suppose to take THAT long to open a file with your rig. Is there situation where a file will take that long to open in 3Dc without a bug ?
  13. Mr.Panka

    [Solved] Sketch Tool Questions

    Thanks Sergyi, awesome job !
  14. Mr.Panka

    [Solved] Sketch Tool Questions

    Yeh a CUDA version would be nice for macOS (I have a Nvidia card in my MacBook Pro) but I understand the argument against it. I'd prefer to see all the bugs of the Mac version solved first ( no loading bar, no incremental rendering, non-US keyboard not recognised, renderman not working...) Back at your problem, I do not have a geometry preview went I use the sketch tool, except if I hit "enter" every time. But I don't have that weird navigation with the sketch tool. Maybe you can try to reset 3DC ?