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    A good sculpting matcap

    Hi, recently I was giving 3d coat voxel sculpt (and a bit of surface) a go just to see how it felt (and it's quite good, but need that imbed/plane offset feature mentioned in another post As a 3-4 years long zbrush user, one thing I feel the most underwhelming in 3dcoat when it come to sculpting, is how you see the surface... and I mean , how you DON'T see the surface as you should let me explain, when you sculpt you don't want to be fooled visually about what the surface you sculpt on is, is it a down plane, is it a up plane, is it flat, is it bulging etc... you want a quick read of the forms. I tried many shaders and only ONE was giving decent results, and not even by default, but after removing features, it was the Matcap clay with cavity setting removed (and bulge setting removed) So this is a decent one for those that want to sculpt (remove that cavity stuff though if not it's useless and give false read of the forms all over the place) For this reason I created a matcap that I like a lot, and I want to share it. This matcap was created with a few criteria in mind : Not too dark; not too bright; not too shiny; not too matt; one side a touch darker than the other (so it's more natural) half of a rim light (most important) not a lot of 'flat spots' (in particular in the shadow, that's why the rim light is important, it brake that flat spot effect a lot) In other words, I wanted a good old basic but efficient matcap a workhorse Download the texture, from the shader tab right click on a matcap (important it must be of matcap type not just a shader, an error I made myself) click construct new shader, put this as texture, make sure cavity setting is OFF (flat shading is ON) then in the color managment put Hue : 0 Saturation : 0 Light : 85% and then in the controls at the top of the screen once you finished the shader creation, I recommend values of 20 to 80 for contrast and 90 to 105 for primary light intensity for best results (depending of your screen settings this may vary a little but should give you the best results). Oh, and just in case, even if this is probably ovious for most users, turn cast shadows OFF if not already done (it simply does not go well with a matcap)
  2. Imbed is one of the most valuable control in zbrush (that by the way not many people know about..) it make you gain total control of the strokes (even with a mouse if you set the values correctly) so definately would be nice if 3d coat can have that (i didn't even knew blender had it... gotta give blender sculpt a try i guess)
  3. JanvierPichon

    [Solved] Can't seems to assign a texture to a shader

    It worked, but I think I was simply using the wrong type of material to assign a texture (I didn't know there was a specific MatCap type, si I used the wrong one... It work fine with the matcap type you can delete the bug report.
  4. Hi, I try to assign a texture to a shader to make it like a matcap in zbrush (i've seen it's possible on a video) but when I choose the texture, instead of applying it to the selected channel, it simply send me back in the shader editing windows (which is reset, so it's not even even keeping other changes) no warning nothing to point of what could be the problem, any suggestion to fix this ? Using 3dCoat 4.8.34 SL on a ryzen 2700x with gtx970 32 GB of ram and windows 10 x64
  5. JanvierPichon

    [Solved] Improve pinch brushes

    Thanks for the reply guys, my pinch strenght was at 0 (don't remember ever changing it so was it default ?) anyway it work, I was only talking about surface mode by the way, I know the nature of the voxel mode prevent crisp pinching. Problem solved
  6. JanvierPichon

    [Solved] Improve pinch brushes

    I was sculpting (3d coat, tested on aswell same result) and realized the pinch brush was really not acting like I expected, I checked the wireframe and quickly understood, there was no pinching to the pinch brush :). Don't know if this is a mislabelled brush or if it's a bug, bug you expect pinching to happen when using the pinch brush (and it's one of the most important type of brush in 3d sculpting) it was carving but not pinching at all, it's like something wasn't there and as I said, checking the wireframe it was obvious, the pinching was not happening. Hope it help.
  7. JanvierPichon

    First time sculpting in 3dcoat, need some help

    Thanks, I did find the show brush alphas few minutes after posting (but couldn't edit my message as it was not showing up) As for the brush tied to the zoom, it sure have its use, but not when you sculpt humans at least, in Zbrush I know you can desactivate it (and it's the first thing people have done when they made the error to make it the default behavior) So I'm curious if it's something you can change in 3dcoat. Having to change brush size after each zoom in/out, instead of directly zooming at the right amount (knowing the brush size will not change) are two radically different approach, and I can assure you, the second is far superior and more intuitive.
  8. Just purchased 3d coat via the steam winter sales, and I wanted to sculpt a bit in 3d coat, it feel relatively solid so far, but two things are bothering me a lot, and prevent me for enjoying it, so here are my noob questions : 1) Is it possible to keep the size of the brush at a constant size relative to the viewport, regardless of how much zoomed in or out you are on your model? So far, the brush seems locked in its size relative to the zoom, which is extremly counter intuitive (for me at least) 2) Is there an option to hide the center of the brush constantly, before touching the surface of your model? Just to be clear, I'm ok with the outline circle of the brush, but anything inside (and in particular alphas...) are distracting, even if it disapear when you commit with the brush.