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  1. Please remove the smoothing window or find a way to not having it popping out everytime we smooth or make it optional , it was good as it was before , many people use a shortcut to smooth all ..( shift +s for me ) by doing so ..we could smooth many times in a row ..now there is that annoying pop up window who slow down the workflow
  2. kaero

    Vox extrude crash

    Hello guys , there is a bug ( among many others in this cool program ) with the vox extrude tool , whenever i use an offset value under 1200 /1100 , 3d coat crash instantly . Also , sometimes the number of undo stopped working ,and i have only let's say 3 undo .. or i have to press two times ctrl +z to undo , also sometimes the shortcuts stopped working , i don't know if it's hardaware related , or my wacom tablet driver etc ..but it happens only in 3d coat ..so it was just to let you know !
  3. kaero

    Loft Tool in 3dcoat?

    Yes definitely a tool like this would be awesome (among a traditionnal polygonal modeling tool ) because making specific curve shape like automotive shape , aerodynamic stuff , is so hard in and frustrating in 3d coat , so a system like this similar to gravity sketch where you can bridge two curves and edit the surface you just created would be a great addition to 3d coat :)