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  1. AdamS

    License Issue

    We have been using a 120 seat educational license running 3dcoat 4.8 with fserver version 1.6. we have upgraded to version 4.9.04 but am getting a "there are no more floating licenses available. Limit is reached" I have tested the license and it is valid which works when inputted directly to register single user use. The service is running on the server but is not showing the 120 licenses available. The license.dat file is valid with the serial number V4ACAD-VZ138K-******-****** can anyone help us understand what could be causing the problem?
  2. AdamS

    License Issue

    thanks for the reply have done awaiting response
  3. AdamS

    Academic Lisensing issue

    Hi , we have just received an academic license for the package and I am trying to apply it to the version I have downloaded 4.5.19 but it doesn't seem to be working is there a special academic version to download to apply the license to? when I go via help>show my license I get can anyone help / point me in the right direction?