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  1. Alright guys, I am officially going insane. Thank you all for the previous help. On top of the fact that I cannot get the Applink to work in blender anymore, (also can't move 3DCoat data, every place I tried to move it to said I didn't have permission) due to not being able to see the 3DCoat tab in the 'n' panel, I cannot get 3DCoat to export textures at all out of the paint room. No retopo performed, so that could be the issue, but the applink file had no retopo work done, but at one point the .obj and my textures were imported into Blender? What does the applink create in blender to get some form of UV to work? My other question is why are my textures coming out fully gray when I export normally, not using the applink (which has disappeared anyway)? Using 3DC 4.9.72 Blender Please, help me send this cool looking ship, into Blender with the applink, or at least get my seat exporting textures, this is sending me nuts. I have googled, I have watched, I have done copious amounts of trial and error....
  2. The applink broke again in Blender, can't see the 3DCoat tab at all.
  3. Thanks bro! That confirms it then. I just willmake much better use of the smart material preview window, and be more systematic with my material application from now on pulling it apart, it looks like I made that ‘effect’ from two layers of varying opacity. Not the best way to do it, obviously making a custom SM with those specific textures and opacities is much for efficient. I have so much to learn about texturing in 3DC (or any 3D other than Keyshot) at least I am on the journey now
  4. Hey dudes! Can anyone please tell me, is there a way to see which smart material is on an object, please? I made a lot of smart materials, and need a faster way to work out which one was the successful one ? The eyedropper tool doesn't seem to highlight the active smart material for that part of the mesh? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks so much, legends @tokikake and @Carlosan!!! The issue was the 2021 install. This makes me so happy
  6. This makes me think…I have installed the 2021 trial, which has since expired… maybe it is looking for that, or it is interfering in some way
  7. Thanks @Carlosan! Appreciate how quickly you got back to me. I hope he is able to get it running soon, it is a fantastic tool :) I gather if I go back to an old blender it should work then, in the meantime
  8. Hey guys, does anyone have any ideas to solve my issue? installed blender 2.93.1, 3DC 4.972. Clicking 'send' in Blender yields zero result in my open 3DC ? Thanks in advance, this is driving me mad. Win 10 64 bit
  9. Haha - didn’t mean to rate my own work. For the record I was a little bit stoked when I named the file, didn’t think of the fact it might show up in a browser... :/
  10. Jamie Norton

    Jamie's 3D Coat Gear

    Hey all, here is my latest WIP, sculpted in 3DC, reconfigured and rendered in blender. Post in photoshop
  11. Hey all, here is my latest WIP, sculpted in 3DC, reconfigured and rendered in blender. Still have some paneling work to go, but pretty happy with the result
  12. Guys, I am about to ask possibility the dumbest question I have ever asked. How do I create a quick emissive object to test the new illumination features please? My excuse is I have been leaning heavily on blender for rendering for quite awhile now, and I can't vaguely remember how to illuminate an object in 3dC. Really keen to test it out. I did google it, and can see how to make an emmissive material, but wondering how some of these scenes were done, specifically the sci fi corridor..... Cheers all
  13. Not at all, create new sub folders in objects folder, just don't have folders inside folders like I did, @Kenmo
  14. Thanks to @AntonTenitsky, there totally is: There was one thing I was missing - make sure that the .obj and .png files are in the root folder that you are dropping into C:\Program Files\3DCoat-V4.9.37\VoxStamps\Objects (of course replacing all drive and folder names for your particular situation). 3D Coat was not drilling down into the extra folder I dropped in there, so putting them all in the root folder works and this makes me very happy! @kenmo
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