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  1. the lastest version 4 .7.20 is downloading me a file named 4.7.19. the previous version. whats the deal? an incorrect download link by pilgway? or what?
  2. do lo

    batmobile 2016

    thx alot. that helps...
  3. k thx. i will reinstall.
  4. i cant export unless i restart the program! in 4.7.12. please fix this bug....
  5. do lo

    Weapon for games

    very clean gun. needs some more details i think to make it interesting.
  6. do lo

    Alex's Sketchbook

    artistic but not useable in say a game. looks to out of it.
  7. do lo

    3DScanning, modeling and 3Dprinting

    strange composition. head looks very nice tho.
  8. do lo

    rockwall sculpt

    nice rock wall.
  9. do lo

    Bust sculpt

  10. do lo

    Steampunk Landrover

    very nice job.
  11. do lo

    Hand study

    very good base. details need to be better. not more, better. cleaner. maybe fewer details too...
  12. do lo

    Head Female Study

    not bad. would be very nice with the right improvements. like bridge of nose looks wrong. Actually, that might be all thats wrong with it.
  13. do lo

    Custom Made Tattoo Machine

    well done. if you like that style.
  14. do lo


    nice work.