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  1. Thanks for trying to help me Carlosan and i have now figured out how to do this.. It involves using the material editor in the unreal engine and then using some basic blueprints.. and connecting a few texture sample materials together with the material editor blueprint . Although sadly it appears that the unreal engine will not be able to use all the materials that are exported in the fbx file , that is . ! . created in 3d coat so only an approximation of the material that was created in 3d coat is going to make the transition to the unreal engine 5 . This might not be the case in all materials in 3d coat but at least the majority of them.. which actually for me personally renders the idea of making materials in 3d coat to be useless.. I am just better off to texture everything or mostly everything in the unreal engine .
  2. connect texture nodes to shader inputs ? Is that an option in the unreal engine ?
  3. Actually the fbx i just made imported into blender with the textures perfect but in the unreal engine importing the same fbx file it appears no textures are imported
  4. no it doesnt as that is for maya but also the object and fbx file i created in 3d coat does not import the textures into blender as well .. i dont get this . ?
  5. Can anyone tell me why 3d coat doesnt export any textures that the unreal engine can import.. Doesnt matter what version of 3d coat i use or the fact i have used it off and on for over six years i dont get why the developer doesnt make detailed videos to explain how when one exports a fbx file that the textures created in the pain room and painted on the object dont get exported and why this program is not compatible with the unreal engine . I read people have the same problem exporting to blender.. I mean this is ridiculous ..
  6. Also i forgot to mention that you guys in this forum are awesome! And also i am happy to use 3d coat 2021 even if i have frustrations with the software . I guess eventually i will get it all figured out . LoL .
  7. interesting post muzgawa but when you say cant pay your bills who is this person or company you refer to ?
  8. You are very correct Sprayer and in a way its like proprietary ways of doing things such as textures and materials in various software programs such as 3d coat that simply cant make the transition to another 3d or animation program . That is why sometimes its best to keep as much as everything all under the same hood which is why people no doubt pay 2000 dollars a month for maya or 3d studio max.. Or even why people now claim they can mostly do everything under the same hood as in blender . I get it that its not the fault of any software , not the fault of 3d coat or any other 3d software.. However having said this I am still amazed at how well Iclone does on this issue . Its just that iclone is not a modelling program , its mainly an animation program that most people use the unreal engine as the animation engine . And also i use fruity loops and like that program also .
  9. For some reason i cant edit my post anymore in the previous post mean to type 3d models not 3 models. Also i meant to add that i had tried all the export options and formats that 3d coat had to offer..
  10. Back in 2016 i used two programs to texture and create materials and then import into the unreal engine because that was where i was going to create my animations. The two programs were Iclone pro and 3d coat . With iclone pro version i imported 3D models , then textured and applied materials to them , then exported to fbx and then imported to unreal engine and had to assign some materials according to what the unreal engine wanted and bingo the model looked exactly like it was suppose to using the iclone fbx .. Doing the same thing with 3d coat as in creating an fbx file and saving it properly according to what i was even told to on this very forum https://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/20271-export-options/&tab=comments#comment-141293 and the end result in the unreal engine is that it didnt look even remotely as good as in 3d coat when the fbx was imported into the unreal engine.. And now i am getting the same results using the most recent version of 3d coat 2021 even with the new improved paint room .. when importing into the newest version of the unreal engine.. Also in forums all over the place including blender forums it appears people use say for example 3dcoat for creating 3d models but then they import them into blender and do the the texturing and material in blender. This is what i will do also , in that i will do my animations then using blender and texturing and materials also in blender and use 3d coat 2021 to create the models . and import without textures from 3d coat to blender. You guys in here are the pro 3d graphic artist i assume but this is only my opinion but even Iclone 7 does a better job with the export of fbx files to blender or the unreal engine as far as the texturing and shaders. etc.. And i also used Spiral Graphics - Genetica to create the textures and materials that i dragged into Iclone and it was amazing how good the 3d model would export from Iclone and then look exactly the same in as i am saying the unreal engine. However i wont bother to make any more posts on this issue as i give up . trying to get it to work .
  11. Can anyone verify that 3d textura is included in the 3d coat 2021 as i have both programs and i am really confused on this issue. ? And thanks ever so much sprayer and please understand that i am not saying that 3d coat is not a great program. I didnt use 3d coat since about 2016 and just recently upgraded to the 3dcoat 2021 and the 3d coat textura . The only software that i truly love is cubase 11 pro .. any other software i just use them and see the good and the bad especially in 3d graphic programs. For example i use to really hate blender but with the most recent version of blender i would almost say i could really like that software now .. Its all about improvements as far as i am concerned with sofware . However with the true fans of say 3d coat i am sure any comment i might make that doesnt fit the narative of love and adoration for the software is likely to offend and make me appear to be some kind of evil person for even making comments. As i said i am a real fan of cubase pro 11 , yet on the forms many many people make comments about dislikes of the software and this has been going on for years and yet steinberg reads those forums and constantly has made improvements thanks to those who complained and didnt praise the software.. and as a result of this .. cubase 11 pro is at the top of chain as being the absolute best DAW . Its the people who find faults with the software who are the best friends of software companies , not so much the people who worship the software. Anyways sorry if i offended anyone in my comments about 3d coat but in closing i find it to be not user friendly , not intuitive, confusing totally and hardly any decent tutorials available .
  12. thanks , for liking the music i have about 215 tracks of original music on sound cloud but sadly i am not on spotify . Also i forgot to say that people like you EV who have mastered Zbrush are on the genius level or like Yoda as in star wars . ! . The work i see from people who create art using Zbrush is breath taking . https://soundcloud.com/jaikez
  13. And to EV i agree that Zbrush is easy to learn and for sure there are tons of videos available but its not a program that i have any real interest in . Also i just started using blender again and with the most recent version of blender i am astonished at the improvements that have been made and how much easier it is to use and learn and with the number of tutorials on youtube anyone can get really good in that program with some effort assuming they have the desire . etc etc
  14. Presently i am trying to get a refund for 3DC Textura as i have 3d coat 2021 and apparently 3dc textura is already included in 2021. I made a mistake in purchasing the upgrade from 3d coat 2021 and upgraded to 3dc textura. Also i admire people who have mastered Zbrush . As far as writing scripts i dont think that is a skill i would be able to acquire.. Actually i admire and have nothing but respect for advanced 3d graphic artists and such . Mostly my thing is music composing I hope at some point to be able to create artsy fartsy kinds of graphic videos so i can compose the music to go with them.. Things like fantacy worlds, sci fi , etc etc. As in animation using , blender, unreal engine , hitfilm express. etc etc.
  15. Thanks ever so much for trying to help , sir .
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