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    Stamp Mode question

    Hey folks, I have been running into an issue over the years with 3D coat in sculpt room and just wanted to try and get to the bottom of it as it really hinders the design process. When I use the Stamp Mode with an alpha selected and click & drag is works fine right up until my cursor leave the mesh, at which point the whole alpha and stamp disappears. That doesn't sound like much of a big deal but when you would like to scale that alpha large and beyond the boundaries of the model the stamp tool wont let you do this which in tern means you can only real stamp an alpha as long as it boundaries sits which the model boundaries. Am I missing an option somewhere? Thanks.
  2. McCabe

    Stamp tool behaviour

    I am trying to use the stamp tool like this...
  3. McCabe

    Stamp tool behaviour

    Sure, that makes sense, but i guess that my issue is that I am clicking and dragging from on the mesh, the stamp gets bigger and bigger until i move off mesh and its gone. would be awesome if there was a way that it just gets bigger and bigger. Its the same behavior if I have a alpha and brush that is big enough to have an edge off the mesh. it just stop working. You know what I mean? If I have a sphere and brush and an alpha'd shape with the extrude tool it works fine if the brush fits WITHIN the sphere but as soon as i increase the size so even a small edge of the brush is off the model it total stops the brush working...
  4. McCabe

    Stamp tool behaviour

    Hey folks, Just a quick question. I love using the stamp, click and drag with the alpha on the brush to create interesting forms when making concepts. My only issue is that I can never drag beyond the limits of the mesh. By that I mean, if I click a point to start my stamp and drag out it works fine as long as my cursor is over mesh. Once it leaves that area and essentially is over the background my stamp disappears. Anyone else have this issue?
  5. McCabe

    UV Stacking

    Hi folks, I have a question with regard to UVs. I have read other threads on a similar subject but found now solution. - I am using only 3DC and I have a Scene I have done in the sculpt room. Its made of 3 separate Meshes. - I make a Low-res decimated version of the the scene and export that as an .obj. - Move over to Retopo room and import that Low red version via the 'import retopo mesh' - Once that is done I do all the seems on each mesh, unwrap each mesh. all on separate UVs (or at least I think it is. they are not overlaped in the 'UV preview' - Then Bake the normal to tranfer over the detail from my High Res to the Low Res Version. and here is where I have my issue - I move over to the paint room and even though on the Bake process it asked me about the three UVs I wanted to bake. in the paint room they are just stacked on top of each other...why? (Note, I looked in the UV room and they are stacked in there too and cant seem to find a way to separate them.) I am miffed :S Cheers.
  6. McCabe

    Multiple UVs Import

    Hi there folks, I know similar things have been asked before and I have read a followed those threads to no avail so I am starting my own post with a hope to get some help on the issue. Here is my workflow. I sculpt a model in the sculpt room (Made of more than one Object) > Decimate the mesh's a bit > Import for Per Pixel Painting > Then it squashes all my object into one UV. I would like 3Dcoat to take the separate meshes within the Exported .obj and place them on there own UV Island. Possible? Cheers.
  7. McCabe

    Freeze/Mask from Decimation

    Yes, I did try that but its nice to set a target number of polys through the decimate function. But yeah would be a not bad work around. Thanks Carloson
  8. Hi all, quick question... Is there a way to mask an area from the 'Geometry>Decimate' command, would be great to have a bit more control over that and allow me to be more aggressive with the Decimation. Cheers. ^^
  9. McCabe

    To Re-Paint or Not To Re-Paint?

    Thank you Carlosan, The 1st link seems to be exactly what I am after but the Link to the how-to video isnt available. trying to piece together what was done from the chat and see where it takes me...
  10. Hey folks, I have a question about Exporting Textures. So, I have a finished model that I have unwrapped and UVd and then painted in the paint room. But when I brought it into Unreal I am not happy with the resolution of the texture and I am already at 8k. (was hoping to get it all on one UV) Now I have gone back and split the model into separate pieces and am hoping there is a way to import them individually and bake/apply the previous painting I did to that section, OR. Do i need to paint all these separate parts again? please say it isn't so!
  11. McCabe

    Symmetry Question

    Thats not a bad idea. Might do that.
  12. McCabe

    Symmetry Question

    Thanks Carloson, as I say yes its works, which is great! its just a bit slugish. I am using it for kitbashing so moving fast make the process more creative so was wondering if there was another way of doing it that would be faster but yeah as i say, its working so thats saved me so thanks.
  13. McCabe

    Symmetry Question

    If I understand correctly, wont that translate/rotate the whole group as opposed to mirroring the one? Will give it a try when I get on my machine later...
  14. McCabe

    Symmetry Question

    Ah! No, its working. There is just a bit of a delay. Its a bit slugish, might slow down my workflow but it at least works. Thanks Carloson. Not sure if there are any other way of doing the same thing...
  15. McCabe

    Symmetry Question

    Hi Carlosan, Thanks for the reply. I am trying what I think you mean but cant seem to get any results. I take a mesh>switch on symmetry>clone instance with symmetry>select pose>click 'select object' on the transpose mode in the pose tool prefs>select lasso and select whole mesh. Its all red I rotate the mesh, it works as in, the symmetry doesn't move with the mesh but the mirrored instance doesn't copy the movement. Any ideas?