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  1. Narushima

    Roman Soldier

    1st century BC Roman soldier uniform based on Caesar's legions. I did this one a while ago when I was trying to figure out how to create realistic mail ("chainmail"). The mail was done by applying a series of procedurally generated textures generated with Filter Forge 7. The model was rigged and animated in Akeytsu and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.
  2. Narushima

    18th century soldier WIP

    Hi, thanks for the complement. I finished it a while ago but forgot to update here. Apart from some minor changes to the shoes and some dirt on the texture, I also added a tricorne hat and rigged the model with akeytsu. Pretty nice app, it's grown on me. Anyway, here the finished model in a pose, rendered with marmoset toolbag. The musket is around 3000 triangles, the uniform is 9000 and the hat is around 1300.
  3. Narushima

    18th century soldier WIP

    Sculpting finished, retopo finished, UV mapping finished, texturing mostly done. Need to add some dirt and wear and tare to make it look more aged. Also, wireframe of the musket model that I forgot to show before.
  4. Not completely historically accurate. I took some liberties, made it to my liking. The musket (finished) is mostly based on the Prussian M1740 musket but has some Charleville influences as well. The uniform (WIP) is a mix of Prussian and British 7 year war uniforms. Everything done in 3D-Coat.
  5. Narushima

    3D-Coat renderer won't render rougness properly

    This got rid of the dark and white spots but it made the metal very shiny. It looks more like silver than steel now.
  6. Narushima

    3D-Coat renderer won't render rougness properly

    I can't send the scene because it's too big (close to 2GB). But I did a test with a simple cube and the steel material that comes with 3d-coat. Here is the result. First image is from the paint room, second from the render room (with default settings). I've also attached the scene file. Thanks for your help. rendertest.3b
  7. Narushima

    3D-Coat renderer won't render rougness properly

    I've tried what you've said, as well as enlarged and shrunk the model and disabled all height map data. I've also made all roughness white and instead transferred all detail to metalness maps, but it didn't change much.
  8. Narushima

    3D-Coat renderer won't render rougness properly

    Tried it, didn't work. Also installed newest nvidia drivers and tried running it in dx mode, same results.
  9. Narushima

    3D-Coat renderer won't render rougness properly

    Yes, it's the latest version (4.8.03), but I've had this problem for a white (since I bought the 1060 and installed the 382 nvidia drivers). I have no visible sculpt layers. In fact, I've deleted all the sculpt object and still didn't see any change. So I've done some testing and it only happens when I have shadows enabled. But without shadows the render looks flat. Also, if I set roughness to bellow 70 the problem kind of goes away but then the metal doesn't look metal-ish enough. I've also rendered the model in Unity game engine and it looks pretty much how it does in the paint room. Btw this happens on all my models that use metal smart materials.
  10. Hi all. I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem. I've been having it since 4.7. Basically I have a problem with 3d coat refusing to render metal properly, but only in the render room. In the paint room everything looks fine, but when I go into the render room 3d coat decide to give a super dark contrast to even the smallest roughness values. Example, paint room vs render room. I'm running 3d coat in opengl with a Nvidia 1060.
  11. Narushima

    Anatomy study (NSFW)

    Ah, you're right. Nice catch. Easy fix.
  12. Narushima

    Anatomy study (NSFW)

    Here, we go, another one. This time in a jumping pose with arms outsrteched and symmetry turned off from the very beginning.
  13. Narushima

    Anatomy study (NSFW)

    Thanks. I'll be doing some muscle in movement studying next so I'll be using a low fat (small boobs) reference. I think you'll like that one
  14. Narushima

    Anatomy study (NSFW)

    Hi all, first post. I've been learning the intrecacies of 3d coat for about a few weeks and loving it. Decided to learn how to sculpt the human body. After sculpting my first male body I wanted to try out the female one, which is suprisngly far more complex. Here's my 3rd try at the female body: Tell me what you think, constructive criticism is more than welcome.