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  1. Hi all I couldn't figure out how to disable the floor grid in the texture painting mode. It bothers me a lot. any clue? thanks
  2. very frustating updating to 4.7.... how do I change the stupid default for paitning from black and white to colors It was great painting the previous version, why the hell did you change it??... man I want to cry... spending time on this....
  3. not sure why tha hell they removed this great shortcut thats the kind of thing pisses me off. Now I have to hunt a very new version on the internet for a solution for a problem that was not suppose to have in the first place anyone with more luck than myself?
  4. I work on my PC Desktop and on my PC Laptop when I am not in the office. I bought the professional Version (379 dollars) and I am wondering it allows me to install on my 2 computers thanks
  5. hi, thanks for the reply I'm aware of the symmetry, and the lasso you mentioned is for filling color. I am looking for a lasso way to select a painting area and manipulate it (scale, rotate etc) thanks
  6. It is a pain in the a** to edit the texture all the time in photoshop and somethings there are UV cuts that is nearly impossible to work with. Is there a Lasso tool or something that I can select a part of the painting, scale/move in 3d coat? in the example attached, I just wanna select that eye, scale up a little, copy and paste and flip to paste in the other side. any directions are welcome, thanks thanks
  7. no I'm not. I just add it, save the file, close 3dcoat and open it again they are not there... is it on purpose because I am still using trial version?
  8. Very annoying bug..... sometimes the brushes I add from .png just disaper.... I have to add everything back again... what can I do to fix it?
  9. I'm running trial version of 3d coat. It is pretty sweet to far. While painting I was using the ctrl + drawing to erase but for some reason (probably because I pressed a key by mistake) they are inverted. Meaning ctrl + left mouse is drawing and regular left mouse if erasing. how can I go back to normal? thanks