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    Introduce yourself!

    Im a noob still at the normal map stage .Ive posted some pics about detail and where it goes . I am sending to iclone and do not know which normal setup that is , I tried maya and no good , you can see nothing comes out atall . I am trying the others , noone it seems uses iclone , its good for animating , but dont like 3dcoat maps . If anything occurs to anybody please let me know . There are a lot of variables here and so a lot of tests going nowhere . Maybe somebodys already done it , that would be nice thanks nick
  2. nikrogers

    Introduce yourself!

    Regarding my search for txtr export in 3dcoat I notice uv in retopo room but not in uv room its a blank shape in paint room uv window so how to transfer details from each room to the next may be the problem , I heard the expression merge to.... but no explanation how . Probably the export tab is finding a blank uv, in tutorials these details are in the txtr editor window , but for me its blank, so again , apply uv has to be somewhere right . Anyway that may make an answere more easy I think thats the problem thanks for an answere nick
  3. nikrogers

    Introduce yourself!

    Having just got 3dcoat my questions are always too out there . I mean I havent even got it working yet and there is no txtr export with obj , neither of the two txtr tabs do anything ,so is this common for the educational copy or is there some enabling tab Ineed to know about . The times it did export a map it was pitch black , as all this worked in the trial I assume there is a preferences that I cannot find or a setting . I cant find anything and nobody else seems to have the problem so maybe by the time you answere Ill know or maybe I wont . Anyway here I go again. thanks for any help nick
  4. nikrogers

    voxel sculpt

    Hi Id like to thank you for your reply and it seems I am past that stage . I am now at the stage where I have duplacate layers in sculpt and however I delete these I always end up with the ones that are not visible , this means that the model I export is never the one that I import . I will try to explain , as I cannot navigate I create new layer for new parts of the sculpt , but they are duplicating voxels I think, switching them off and on to see where I am is no good as I never get a true picture . I then retopo and only a part of the mesh is retopoed, the mesh is not merged down because merge does not work, or at least I dont know how to make it work. Now I import and Ive got half a mesh with a uv . So if you can work that out , maybe you can tell me how to do some of it , like merge layers for a complete retopo , or how to see what I am actually exporting , as some of it may be visible to me but not to the programme . I feel I am making some progress , but it aint easy. thanks nick
  5. nikrogers

    How do you merge???

    Hi ,Im another one who dont get it yet , so if anyone wants to tell me more....... I need it .I will try to attach a file of crashes .As you know the follow on with merge is quite difficult to get as enter apply always overloads the system , and crash, so far no go . The actual proceedure is not explained anywhere as the available tutorials are for previous versions , difficulty being how to tell 3dc to change objects , is it in new layer, cant do that yet , everything I try gets the crash , the message is system overload . The brush may not be chosen properly I am new and 4.5 is not documented here , any info welcome totally .There a lotta people who know , but will they see this . I hope so
  6. nikrogers

    voxel sculpt

    Ive used Z brush and so I know modellers crash , but the question is always why. Using curves in 3dcoat looks easy in tutorials but my system , which is quite big wont go there. Is there a setting in prefs or something that keeps down file size , my system is overloading before Ive even built anything . Ive got windows 7.... 6 gbs of ram.... 6 core phenom and use DX not GL as GL shut it down. Any info welcome Im still on trial and so far can only use paint .