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    Blender Applink

    Hi, I too am having trouble getting this working. I can get it to work with 2.8 , but not 2.82. The folder options are different, and I'm unclear of where they should be pointing to, exactly. Getting a python error about an unknown location. I tried using the same folder that works in 2.8. I tried leaving the folders blank, and it does fill in the "exchange folder" with a path to C:\Users\Brian\Documents\Applinks\3D-Coat\Exchange, but leaves the "object/texture folder" blank, and I get the unknown location python error. Any help appreciated on the proper set up of this for 2.82. thanks much Brian
  3. ok, I was using Blender 2.82. I can get it to work with Blender 2.8. Thanks much for the help.
  4. cool, thanks for the help. downloaded, installed 4.9.28, still no luck. should I file a bug?
  5. I did a complete reinstall, still nothing... I am of the understanding that I do not need to download a plugin for this, is that correct? thanks much Brian
  6. Hi, trying this with, I too have no "export too" entry. I deleted the options.xml file, reopened, and still don't have it. any advice? thanks much
  7. lafrance

    new user, voxel mode crashing

    ok, had a chance to dig more. looks like the directx- non-cuda version works fine. interesting, as my card is cuda enabled. Oh, was wrong, I have 4 gigs vram. still, I have a new system on the way with 2 gtx 980 cards, would be good to know the cuda support works. guess I'll find out when it arrives.
  8. lafrance

    new user, voxel mode crashing

    thanks Dave. Not scaling primitive at all, don't have the chance. And surface mode works fine, but as soon as I convert to voxels, it disappears.
  9. Hi All, new user, Brian LaFrance, here. I started a few days ago with the trial version. I'm loving what I'm seeing in tutorials, but, my own luck, particularly in voxel sculpt mode, has been not so great. As soon as I try to commit a primitive, it disappears, and the program becomes unstable. Pretty sure this has something to do with versions/display drivers,/etc. running on laptop right now with 16 gigs ram, but a puny Nvid GeForce GT 520M with .5 gig vid ram. Any advice appreciated. (did a quick search, as I'm sure i'm not the first with this problem.. but didn't come up with any relevant topics) thanks much Brian