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  1. I try to export my work after painting and I notice two things I try to export multiple objects using the Export feature in the file menu to be used in a game engine or 3D Animation package and it only let me export UV map set all other UV maps are ignored, am I doing anything wrong? Plus I noticed after UV mapping that I can't paint on 4K and 8K only 2K anything about this I bought 3D Coat 4.5 and upgraded to 4.8 for free is my license Limited? in was no in 4.5. Help please
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  7. This is a finished work completely in 3D coat and Photoshop
  8. I have got it, it's the "S" and "V" options in the VoxTree Panel on the lower right corner. it's that easy to swtitch between Voxel and Surface! fast and amazing however I pressed Shift+v I think that hidden the model.
  9. pardon me but I am learning 3D Coat and wasn't aware of this feature, however what happens when I press V is the model vanishes am I doing something wrong in here? any help?
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    So yeah.... what about those pixelly corners?

    Increase the resolution of your model by going to the Tools Menu > Commands > Res+ The Tools Menu is the menu on the left side of 3DCoat Interface.
  11. Hi my friends I have a question about the (Voxel to Surface Sculpting pipeline) my pipeline would be like be this. I would import concept then start sculpting in Voxel mode, after finishing I export to obj, then import to Surface Sculpting. I like the Voxel Sculpting Feature it gives freedom without the need to re sample the mesh each time polygons get stretched. But the details of the model couldn't be sculpted in this mode easy because it requires more system resources so what I do is start in Voxel and export to obj then import to Surface Sculpting . My question is: Am I doing it right? or there is a feature to export between rooms in 3dCoat? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you