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  1. loren

    Once Kitten, Think Twice

  2. loren

    My Steampunk CatSpacecraft

    This is my final ... and a video with animation. I hope you like it
  3. loren

    My Steampunk CatSpacecraft

    Happy day for everyone And I ran to upload the composition tomorrow well a little more time does not bad ... some progress
  4. loren

    My Steampunk CatSpacecraft

    Hi everyone I almost finished the two SpaceCraft (MotherCat and CatHunter) and the character (CatTesla) to start the composition. Here some advances.
  5. loren

    My Steampunk CatSpacecraft

    Hi MotherCatSpaceShip and CatHunter ready for textured in 3DCoat. The two spaceships they are part of the final composition. I decided to make the most of the modeling with Blender and support AddOn HardOps v007.9. Sculpture was not necessary. In texturing there will be many changes, I left for this process screws, wire coils, etc. I hope you like it.
  6. loren

    Enormous mechanical tardigrade

    Cute Good luck!!
  7. loren

    Steampunk flying vehicle

    Hi, I also use Blender, but I think there is no need to join in Blender, you can even slow down a little work, you can do easily in 3DCoat. I also use Google translator Good luck
  8. loren

    My Steampunk CatSpacecraft

    Hi, The CatSpacecraft not fused with a gramophone The gramophone (or maybe radio) are only part of the whole the ship actually works with tesla's coil. "CaTesla's coil" Sorry for my english
  9. loren

    Steampunk genre of fiction

    Hi For me a masterpiece of SteamPunk are films Tai Chi Zero. I am fascinated !!! Para mí una obra maestra del SteamPunk son las películas de TaiChi Zero. Me fascinan!!!
  10. loren

    My Steampunk CatSpacecraft

    Hi, Here a preview. Things have changed a lot, but I'm very happy with the new structure. I decided to change many things because I started seeing reference images and I saw that almost everything turn around weapons and war, and I thought that the real world already has enough of this, it is very unfortunate and impoverishing for the man who spend so much energy to kill, and I thought that art can help transform these perspectives to build a more enriching world for everyone. Anyway, I decided to transform the CatSpacecraft's gun in a graphophone or maybe a radio. Well, I restructure whole concept with help of 3DCoat that allows creativity flow endlessly. And here I am with this new CatSpacecraft model where the inventiveness of Tesla, or in this case, of CatTesla, is the essence. Thanks.
  11. This morning I did some tests in the painting room and I saw something about my setup. I have a NVidia Quadro K2000 in ubuntu 14.04 and I am using private drivers, it seems is not available in 3d coat. Then I made a rendering of PBR and the result was terrible, I know this should not be so because this Texture worked for a time in Windows 10 with a test copy of 3D-Coat and rendering did not look like this. Can anybody help me?. Thanks.
  12. Hi This is a sketch I did a few years ago in Blender. I hope it turns into a powerful steampunk vehicle for this contest with the incredible help of 3D-Coat. If in this contest we can use vehicles of fantastic worlds and a little humour. I hope you all enjoy with this new experience and the best win. Good wind and good sea for all !!!