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  1. That worked, I emailed you the screenshots.
  2. In the terminal, I entered this and hit return. It didn't open 3DCoat... instead it returned this message in the terminal: " -bash: fg: %: no such job." I looked in the 3DCoat-4.9.49D folder and there isn't a Contents folder.
  3. Sorry Sergyi, it is still crashing... or instant quitting the moment I press one of those buttons. I don't get a crash message, it just drops the app instantly. I can make a video to show you if you like. I'm still using the same MacOS and on the same computer.
  4. I tried v4.9.42C.dmg on MacOS Mojave, v10.14.6. Sorry Sergyi, sad to report that it's still crashing by pressing one of those buttons. I also tried your previous instructions with this version, by renaming the home folder to "----3D-CoatV49". but it still crashes. Let me know if there's something else I can try.
  5. Thanks Sergyi! I tried all of the above, but it is still crashing for me. Is there anything else I can try?
  6. I'm using the new 4.9.37 on the Mac update this month, but I'm still having this problem. I hope it gets fixed in the next version.
  7. Something strange, I used to be able to export from the file, export and dialog using these setting seen here in the image. But it's only exporting the obj file, and not any of the textures. For it to work, I have to choose a preset with export constructor, or export from the Layers menu. 3D-coat 4.9.04 , Mac, Mojave.
  8. 4.8.40 crashes when I even go to the UV room. I have to resort back to 4.8.20!
  9. Just chiming in... I'm getting this problem too. I'll try 4.8.40 until it's fixed.
  10. Ah! I didn't know about that feature! Yes that worked perfectly, thank you!
  11. MaxHancock

    [Solved] Mac OS Version - 3DCoat Icon for Dock

    That's odd, because I use the Mac version and I see a really nice 3D coat logo, icon in my Dock.
  12. I updated from 4.8 to 4.9 and it didn't transfer my most current smart materials and presets. Can I transfer them manually?
  13. MaxHancock

    Must quit 3D-coat and reopen to see painted depth.

    Hi Carlosan, I updated to 4.9.02 and the specular works post UV, but I still need to save and restart 3Dcoat to see depth painting.
  14. MaxHancock

    Must quit 3D-coat and reopen to see painted depth.

    I'm using 4.8.20 (GL64). Mac Version
  15. Every time I finish the UV mapping workflow and then start painting in the paint room, everything is painting correctly except depth and sometimes specular. I have to quit 3D-coat and reopen the file to see the painted depth and specular attributes. And at that point, painting depth works as expected. Is this a known bug?