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  1. GabrielPerez

    Steampunk Carriage/hot air balloon

    More progress update
  2. GabrielPerez

    Steampunk Carriage/hot air balloon

    Another Update: I spent some more time on it. Getting more of the big shapes and leaving the rest of the details the next time I work on it.
  3. GabrielPerez

    Seven wheels for speed

    Thats a unique concept design! I can't wait to see more.
  4. GabrielPerez

    Steampunk flying vehicle

    Looking rad dude! I feel the steam punk on this
  5. GabrielPerez

    Steampunk TriTruck

    This is looking awesome dude! Loving the details on the wheel.
  6. GabrielPerez

    Steampunk Carriage/hot air balloon

    @Gary Dave @Michaelgdrs @Aleksey Thank you guys! Update: Here's a new build up from scratch. Going for the same idea now that I know what I want to do. It's getting there. A lot more work to do! I love how I can 3d paint stuff in! 3DCoat <3
  7. GabrielPerez

    Polaris Sector game. Eriances race. Destroyer

    Awesome design man! Love the details on the surface.
  8. GabrielPerez

    AE Yddrasill

    Thanks for all of this info Candy Floss! I have been taught only one way and it wasn't explained why. I started using 3D in general late last year with 3D Coat so I have a lot of things to learn! And no, Keyshot doesn't have vertex color from what I have researched. I usually have been using 3D Coat as a mean to block-in and paint over for final compositing. A lot of the shots I do are mid-range to far-range so a lot of the texture details can't really be seen. What rendering engine do you use? Also, When you say splitting a 3dc sculpt into simpler components, do you mean to have certain objects in a sculpt in separate layers?
  9. GabrielPerez

    AE Yddrasill

    Thank you dude! The textures are painted mapped and retopo meshes from my 3d sculpts. It's the only way I know how at the moment!
  10. I have currently sculpted the idea for my steampunk vehicle. The next step will be to refine and make things seem like they work.
  11. GabrielPerez

    First Official 3D Modelling Contest

    This is pretty exciting! Looking forward to this. Good luck everyone!
  12. GabrielPerez

    Outer Heaven

    Thank you Kargall!
  13. GabrielPerez

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone! My name is Gabriel, from Boston, MA, and I was introduced to 3D Coat last year of October and I love it! It was one of the best decisions for my portfolio since I lacked in the 3d department lol Ive tried other 3d programs and failed miserably so kudos to 3dcoat! Other than that, Ive been seeing a lot of good stuff in the gallery. I can't wait to show some of my stuff!
  14. GabrielPerez

    Untitled Album